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  1. dave147

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    hi I’m going to order the vision t35 for Planet X which just come as the bear rims. As I’m not clued up on technical things I need a bit of help. Rim tape how much do I need and is there a brand or type to look for also tyres want a bit of an all rounder really. I know it’s been asked before and I have look and found these on a recent post is it a good choice and inner tubes what to go for. Don’t do millions of miles but also don’t want to be changing puntchers all the time. Is there any thing else I need to look out for. Apart form Chain whip and shimano tool
    • Schwalbe Durano Folding Road Tyre - RaceGuard

      Sorry again guys just don’t wana to mess up and waste time and money
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  2. Rim tape can come as a convenient assembled loop usually, you buy them individually, or as packs.

    These are the dogs danglies.
    Make sure you order the correct size ( diameter and width for your rims though).
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  3. Ajax Bay

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    Rim tape - Velox (often sold as a pair, of the right length for 700c rims). Note internal rim width is 19mm.
    Tyre - Continental GP 4 Seasons OR Michelin PRO4 Service Course (or Endurance) OR Schwalbe Durano. Though if you've bough these new rims to go 'fast' you probably are better with Continental GP 4000S II.
    25-622, but will depend on the clearance you have. The 19mm rim width will make them come up a little wider (than with a narrower rim).
    You won't need a chain whip to put the cassette ON.
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  4. vickster

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    Chainwhip needed to get cassette off the old wheels though (unless replacing at same time)
  5. As far as Chain whips go, I have one of these.

    This saves a lot of the mess and faff associated with a traditional chain whip tool ( with an actual chain), by having a set of rivets set around the holes which are marked with the number of teeth, on the smallest sprocket on your cassette, Common sprockets like 11tooth and 12 tooth are on one side of the tool, less common 13 and 14 tooth are in the other side. Its a fantastic tool to have around.

    I use this as a cassette lock ring remover tool.

    Saves a lot of faffing also.
  6. As for tyres, I’d steer well clear of the Continental GP4000sII at this time of year, as although they are superb performance tyres, and roll / grip brilliantly, they will be cut to ribbons / not preventing any sort of puncture at this time of year, in my experience. The Durano plus, doesn’t roll as well, and is heavier, but they won’t fall apart so easily, and you really do have to try, to get a puncture.
  7. OP

    dave147 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much chaps great help
  8. kingrollo

    kingrollo Über Member

    I've just fitted pro 4 endurance to my winter bike. Pretty impressed to be honest.
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  9. They are very good, but a bit pricey at non sale prices.
  10. kingrollo

    kingrollo Über Member

    I paid £50 - pair - anything decent will cost around £30-£35 - you pays ya money !
    I don't skimp on tyres on bikes or on cars
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