Hey! Recommend me a no-win-no-fee lawyer please.

Number 1 step-son's girlfriend had her bike rudely knocked out from under her by a car (which had been flashed by the car on her right) turning across her path. She broke her collarbone clean in two and is in a sorry state. The driver - to his credit - hung around and waited with her for 45 mins for the ambulance to show up and was very decent.

She needs a lawyer to deal with his insurance co. Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance.


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I'm very sorry to hear that. I've not needed a lawyer yet but Slater & Gordon as well as Leigh Day keep cropping up when people report their offs on this forum. If you type their names into the Search function you'll get lots of opinions.


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Both Leigh Day and Slater and Gordon will take on the case without being a BC or 'sandal wearer' member :tongue:

They have a no win underwritten policy that everyone signs for.
I have used Irwin Mitchell twice over the past 4 years for for PI claims for RTCs. My claims are commission free as I have family legal cover however they once told me what it would be on a no win no fee basis and I thought it was quite reasonable. There customer service is average. I was more than happy with the amount on the claim that is now complete.

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Currently have a claim ongoing, using a company called bikeline.

All been quite straightforward so far, apparently it is all done via a "portal" nowadays.

The chap I am dealing with has been honest and upfront about expected payout etc.

Won't be a life-changing amount but as the police wouldn't prosecute the driver I didn't want him getting off Scot free so if he pays through increased premiums at least that is something.
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