Hinckley to Skegness Trailer Trip


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Anyone have a decent route from Hinckley area to Skegness? There are a few of us with bicycle trailers wishing to do the trip and back over four days. From what I have heard its a busy road and can be quite daunting. Also any advice would be appriciated.


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Yes, the area on the direct line is full of busy roads like the A52 and few good ways across them. For quieter/easier ways, I suggest getting to Leicester and then either:

1. Follow Fosse2 NCN48 to Newark and NCN64 to Lincoln, then NCN1 Water Rail Way to Woodhall Spa, then a "Living Landscapes Short Route" east, cutting off through Wood Enderby to the Lindsey Trail, then the B1195 through Spilsby to fork off at Great Steeping to backroads to Burgh Le Marsh... and from there, there's a so-so cycleway alongside the A158 into Skegness, or you can take the false "no through road" (there's a gate which cyclists can pass through to cross the bypass) Ingoldmells Road then follow turnings for Winthorpe until you see one for Skegness which seems basically the best way in from the south or west despite being a bit of a loop.

2. Follow the East Midlands Cycleway NCN63 https://cycle.travel/route/east_midlands to the north edge of Peterborough, then cut across to take NCN12 north to its current end in Spalding, B1356 to the leaning church at Surfleet, back roads west through Gosberton and Wigtoft to Kirton and head for NCN1 into Boston, then back roads Freiston, Butterwick, Wrangle (cross A52), Friskney, Burgh Le Marsh and Skegness.

There's not much between them in distance, both about 200km. https;//cycle.travel/map can cut 20km off it, but you'll need good navigation skills for the early part - the ending is similar to my second suggestion. I've not ridden much of either of the above: only Spalding to Boston on the second.
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