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Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by crossfire, 11 Feb 2019.

  1. crossfire

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    Hi, been lurking for a while and enjoying what I have read, I have an old Raleigh Montage which I have fitted new front and rear derailleurs, new gears and levers, chain, gear and brake cables. I have changed the rear brake from a U brake behind the BB to centre pull between the rear stays, making a bracket using Sheldons advice, and all works well. But I noticed a hole in the frame at the rear of the seat tube in between the stays. I don`t know when or how - possibly when removing and refitting seat post. I have put another seat post clip on and am hoping that the combination of original seat post holder and the new one will be ok. The seat post is at the lowest point - nearly all in tube. Hopefully the pics show it in its glory firstly hole and secondly attempted repair. Will it work or do I just bin it and buy a replacement frame or bike?

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  2. raleighnut

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    On 3 Wheels
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  3. Slioch

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    I'm by no means an expert in structural engineering or anything like that, but I don't think I'd want to ride it.
  4. Globalti

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    I don't understand that picture... it looks as if an L shaped hole has been cut into the seat tube. Why?
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  5. OP

    crossfire Regular

    Yes it does look like an"L", but I didn`t do it on purpose guv, honest! I can only assume it happened as I was refitting the seat stem, due to cack-handedness. I think you are right and it isn`t safe to ride - just looking for confirmation so I can justify buying a new bike to "she who controls the purse strings" Shame after the time and money spent refurbishing it, though if I bought a used bike I could still use the parts and wheels - 2 sets, steel with wet weather tyres and alloy with city jets. oh well S**t happens,
  6. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    Does it look like it's been deliberately made like that? As @Globalti implies, it can't have got there by accident! Can you remove the seatpost and re-photograph to see light coming through.
    If the seat-tube extends well into the seat-tube and it's steel it will probably be fine. You could always go to a decent old-school bike shop and see what they say.
  7. Globalti

    Globalti Legendary Member

    Whether or not the L shaped hole is original, there's a stress crack spreading from the bottom right hand corner; you can see where the paint has burst off with the movement. That bolt at the top of the seat stays is supposed to clamp the tube tight enough to hold the seatpost but the frame looks a bit ropey; if that's the condition of the seat tube, how good are the forks?

    I'd be tempted to look at frame sellers like Ribble Cycles, Planet X and so on for a replacement frame or I'd be phoning local bike shops and asking if they've got anything interesting hanging in a corner of their workshop. Or I'd contact bike refurbishers like Gearing Up in Wigan.
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  8. OP

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    After having a look in good light and with the seatpost removed, the damage looks a lot worse, and even thought the seatpost is 32.5cm long with about 30cm in the tube I`m not sure that I have faith in it over the rough stuff. Consequently we have decided that a new bike is in order. The only question is brand new ( Rockrider ST 520 ) or used with all the risks. I am leaning toward the Rockrider.
    Daylight photos with seatpost and brake cable removed

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  9. CarlP

    CarlP There’s no need to live in a pit of doom

    Did someone cut that hole to remove a rusty seat post at some point I wonder?
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  10. Globalti

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    Congratulations, you are getting into the spirit of cycling. It hasn't taken you long.
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  11. Ride anything but that bicycle. I might guess there may have been a previous stress crack or two around that gaping hole as well. Rockrider looks pretty good for the money.
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  12. CarlP

    CarlP There’s no need to live in a pit of doom

    That sounds more likely.
  13. Smokin Joe

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    It looks like it. It isn't a crack of any sort, they just don't form like that so it must have been cut out deliberately.
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  14. OP

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    As my good lady has just pointed out, that bike replaced one where the stem broke between the fork crown and top, previous owner of that one used to clean it with a jetwash - none too gently! I went over the top, necessitating an overnight stay in hospital and a week off work. She has come around to the idea if a new one, so this may go to recycle. I wonder if it would be ok as a bike on a turbo-trainer?
    I do remember that the stem was difficult to remove a few years ago and I had to resort to some serious effort, think I removed seat and used Stilsons on it.
  15. fossyant

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    South Manchester
    Previously stuck seatpost, then possibly filled, and not seen until the OP was refurbing and replacing the seatpost ?
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