Home made wooden fenders


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I wanted some wooden fenders for my new Moulton tsr but didn’t want to pay large $$$ for them...figured i could make them myself...my buddy gave me some nice North American ash that I cut to 1 1/2 inches by 1/8 of an inch thick...I had some copper piping to use to make mounting brackets..and inlays...soaked the wood in water for 12 hours or so then formed it around the wheel and let dry for a couple of days..walnut stain and 4 coats of clear coat..cut some fender mounts and installed on bike ..they fit nice and look good I think..will be making some fender struts in the next few days as well...not bad for about $25..plus many man hours..



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Casper WY USA
You, sir, are an artist. Beautiful work


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lovely! :notworthy:


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Excellent work. Thanks for the 'in progress' pictures too, as I've been wondering how to make some of these.

Am I correct in thinking it was one piece of wood, rather than several thin pieces laminated together?

Also, how did you cut the copper?
yes...they were made from solid pieces of well dried ash...I cut the fender mounts and braces mainly using a jewellers coping saw as well as a dremel cutting wheel
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