Honest opinions please. Looking at releasing a new product.

Would you consider purchasing this tyoe of package in the future.

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Hi there.

My name is Dave and I am looking at releasing a package that will shink the size of any standard full size bize to less that 50% of it's initial width.

It can be added to almost any bike and is easy to use.

It consists of Folding Handlebars and Folding Pedals.

It is perfect for anyone without too much space too store a bike.

I am attaching a couple of pictures.

1 point though is it is not overly cheap. The RRP comes in at £120 but can move Bikes if you ever upgrade or change Bikes so is a one off price.

Please can I ask for opinions as to whether or not it would be something that you would buy if it was ever in a Bike store.

Your opinions may make this come to fruition :biggrin:

Thank you so much for this,



I only voted no because I don't have a space issue. If I did have a problem with storage, it could be a solution. Are you planning on extending the range to cover drops?


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That looks pretty neat that. If I had space issues i'd definately consider it. If, of course, you could give them a good thrutching.


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You can already buy folding pedals, and from your photos it doesn't seem like they're the limiting factor.

Assuming the bars are solid enough (not too flexy) and fold equally well with the addition of gear shifters/cables, I'd suggest pushing these more (and hopefully lowering the price as a consequence).


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If you could get a manufacturer to fit them to new bikes then I would imagine that you would make a killing.
Space isn't an issue for me as I have a decent sized garage and I would imagine that the people who would benefit from your products maybe reluctant to fork out £120


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It might make a difference to me - for squeezing bikes in the shed or on the bike rack .. but I think I would worry about them breaking/bending back whilst cycling.


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It could actually make a big difference when carrying full size bikes on a train, especially those that have a little cubby hole for bikes which is usually a bit too narrow for two bikes together. Could the price fall with sufficient mass production?

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Hi Dave, If I had the problem of only limited space in which to keep a single bike and was content with straight bars then yes I would seriously consider it.

Questions that I would ask are-
How rigid is the bar when it is unfolded?
How long does it take unfold?
Would it stand up to daily use without developing play in the hinges?

I'm sure that there is a limited market out there for a well made product like this. Good luck with it.
It's a great idea Dave but it has been done before so you'll be unable to patent protect it. I know Muji sold a bike with a folding handlebar which in turn was a version of a much older similar system, I'm pretty sure I've seen it on a 1930s/40s folding bike.

Would I buy one? Definitely. At that price? probably not.

The eight bikes and tandem in our garage would be a bunch easier to manage if they all had your handlebars thats for sure.

What does it weigh? The last bar I bought weighed 120g

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If the price of the Bar alone was £75 would that be a bit more reasonably priced or is that still a bit steep do you think?

The pedal addition is a bit of an afterthought. Thought an overall package would be a bit more apealing.

Thanks again,


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Folding pedals - bindun. Had them on my Daewoo Shuttle, got 'em on my Brommie.
Folding bars - bindun. Strida had them in 2006.
Really, there's nothing new. Anyone who thinks they've invented something probably hasn't done enough reasearch into prior art.

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Thank you.

I am aware that both of these have been done. I am not trying to re-invent the wheel.

What I am trying to offer is an Aftermarket option that people can add to an Existing bike to allow them to shrink the size of there bike.

To my knowledge there is no-one that offers this kind of thing without buying an entire Bike.

If there is today please can you let me know who it is so that I may check it out.

Regarding the Bars, they are built completely differently too the Strida Bars. They are not just a Bar with button poking through.

They have 2 (per side of the bar) tensioned holding points that can not be easily undone whilst riding.

Even if one were to come loose the other would fully hold the Bars in place.

On top of this were Both points to come undone the Bar will not fold forward it would only ever fold backward so you would not ever fall over the front of your bike.

Thank you again,


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Potentially a good product but I voted no because:

1. I use clipless pedals
2. Apart from on my mtbs (which I wouldn't trust with folding bits because of durability) I use drop bars
3. The price is too high for what is a relatively simple mechanism.


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If I had space issues and used flat bars and the price was right then yes I would.

I think however the initial price is too high


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I do have storage issues and I can see that this could help, but not to sure about the price. Just a thought, but is there a way to lock the bars when they are folded? This could be sold as a way of discouraging theft, casual thieves are less likely to try and steal a bike if the bars were folded and locked...
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