Hope Vision 1 - Winter will soon be with us


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Let me be the first (but not the last) to say yes
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Good it looks like I can get one for around £67.00 seems a good price if it will do the job, there is nothing like riding along at 20 mph guessing were the next bend and pot hole is.


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Shut up...... it's summer............

Yes, so good I have 2................ £67 is good, get 2......... or one and a backup if the battery goes flat.

Oh and use hybrid rechargeable AA's and a smart charger............


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No it's a useless light!

Ok i lied it's fantastic.


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It is a great light. As others have said, it just cuts out dead when the batteries reach a certain level. It is a good idea to do an experiment with the rechargeables that you choose in your kitchen , rather than on the bike. Hope's burn-time figures might be a little optimistic. One thing that you must be aware of is that , with LEDs, you will not get double the burn-time if you double the battery capacity ( eg the 2000 mAh figure stamped on the battery). Google will tell you why far better than I can explain.

Fabulous front light.

Edit: You will actually get more than double. Oh go on! Take a lesson in physics from Google......


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It's worth pointing out that you can buy spare battery chambers for £4 and change them over very quickly if they do run out. Personally I found Hope's estimates very accurate for burn time.


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Question on these lights - I have three bikes all used at various times for commuting with wildly differing handlebars in terms of gauge and space available. Given that in London the need for two lights both front and rear is wise, by the time you have a computer fitted, there's not a lot of room left on the bars.
Other lights I either already possess or are looking at don't seem to fit all.
Does the Hope Vision 1 have fairly versatile mountings that will get round this problem?

£67 is the best price I've heard for this - where was that?


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Can anybody tell me if the Hope Vision 1 lights are suitable for a winter commute down unlit roads
As all the above, they're very good.
If you're on completely unlit roads, I'd recommend two though, especially if you're doing any decent speed.
It also gets around the problem of them just switching off once the batteries die (they don't dim, they just switch off) as you'd be extremely unlucky to loose both at the same time!
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