Hot again?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by compo, 10 Aug 2012.

  1. compo

    compo Veteran

    Looks like being another hot day. I love the heat, the hotter it is the better I like it. I am giving it another couple of hours or so to really warm up then I will head out for an enjoyable ride.
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  2. MattHB

    MattHB Proud Daddy

    Me too :smile:
  3. FatherCrowe

    FatherCrowe Active Member

    Will be later today once I get work out the way! Woot! :wahhey:
  4. Kiwiavenger

    Kiwiavenger im a little tea pot

    no riding today for me :sad: more family coming to visit so cant get out!!

    will try for the weekend though!!!
  5. lulubel

    lulubel Über Member

    Malaga, Spain
    It's 36.5C here. Is that hot enough for you?

    I'm just glad I got my ride in early.
  6. FatherCrowe

    FatherCrowe Active Member

    There’s always one who needs to show off!

    God I'm jealous! :cry:
  7. lordloveaduck

    lordloveaduck Well-Known Member

    Enjoy it while i can. BBC is showing rain for next week in my area.
    I'm not a sun lover, but i do enjoy seeing smiley happy people
    out and about.
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  8. I'm from Australia, so am always amused by what English call hot.

    Still, Melbournians are pretty funny complaining about how cold 15c is.
  9. Octet

    Octet Über Member

    I am the complete opposite, I can't stand it when it is too hot!
    I would much rather it be colder weather then a baking sun. :cold:
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  10. Andrew_Culture

    Andrew_Culture Internet Marketing bod

    This afternoon I will be turning my three mile commute into a twenty three mile commute. Possibly.

    I love factory hours and leaving early on a Friday :smile:
  11. Michael8

    Michael8 Regular

    Walton, Liverpool
    Did my 4 hr ride yesterday up the East Lancashire Rd, it was hot but not as hot as today so it's gym and BBQ.
    It's Summer At last !!!! :sun::training::cheers:
  12. lulubel

    lulubel Über Member

    Malaga, Spain
    Jealous of what? It being so hot you start to wilt the moment you step outside the door, never mind after 2 hours on the bike?

    It only takes living and working through one Spanish summer before you join the locals in counting down the days until September.
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  13. lulubel

    lulubel Über Member

    Malaga, Spain
    15C? That's positively freezing. (Actually, it's OK - for winter. It's when it gets down to single figures that I really don't like it.)
  14. Michael8

    Michael8 Regular

    Walton, Liverpool
    I'm not good when it's too hot, refused to go cycling in Turkey last year, thought it was a crazy idea.
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  15. FatherCrowe

    FatherCrowe Active Member

    Yep Jealous of that!! And until I move there I'll stay jealous.
    Then when I move there I'll be jealous of people in Britain....:crazy:
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