Hot foot/cold foot?


Occasionally on the bike I get a tingly feeling in the front part of my foot and toes, similar to if I'm cycling in the freezing cold. At one point I slipped while walking and slapped my foot in the ground and it was like a monumental case of pins and needles mixed with static electricity in the end of my toes. It comes and goes though, never sticks around for long. This is with SPDs, and often two pairs of socks so I doubt it's just my feet getting cold.

Is this what people call hot foot? I'm guessing it is but it feels more cold to me, like frostbite.


It's likely to be hot foot but this is nothing to do with temperature. It's usually caused by pressure placed on the nerves and tissues near the ball of the feet.

A combination of factors cause it: shoes too tight so restricting blood flow. You might start the ride feeling fine but your feet expand as you warm up. So, loosen the velcro straps.

And if you're new to the said shoes, look at cleat position.

Saddle height can also cause this - a marginally low saddle can lead to a push-push pedal stroke which feels fine for a short ride but can be painful on a longer one. With SPDs you should be aiming for a round-round pedal stroke so you minimise the pressure at the 1 o'olock downstroke.

Other causes could be sudden increases in mileage and hills. If you're not accustomed to the extra effort you could be compensating with a poor riding technique.


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As above, either the shoes are too tight, or possibly too small. No need for two pairs of socks, that could possibly be the problem, constricting your feet.


Thanks for the tips, it's almost a mix of all of the things mentioned above but what triggers it seems to be me clenching my feet/toes when pushing hard. So I'll loosen my straps a little but relaxing my feet and thinking flat sole seems to prevent it.
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