How can you tart up Haggis?


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Haggis, neeps (swede) and tatties. I need to glam it up a bit. Was thinking about maybe a whisky sauce to go with it but does anyone have any other suggestions?


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chicken breast stuffed with haggis covered in whiskey sauce, is lovely.


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TheDoctor said:
Whiskey, tart,and sweet? Sounds like an ideal evening to me!!!:biggrin::tongue:

Yeah, I'd say it would make a good stuffing. Or how about some egg to bind it into patties, fry, and serve in a bun? *Arch not conpletely sure about this one, having never had leftover haggis, but thinks it might be worth a try?*
Garlic, tomato sauce, Tabasco might help! :biggrin:


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Dayvo said:
Garlic, tomato sauce, Tabasco might help! :biggrin:
Better off with the whisky IMHO.
And hallucinogenics.
Or just an Indian takeaway and feed the haggis to the dog (if you don't like dogs!)

*doesn't like haggis at all*
I'm with the Doctor. Don't put quality whisky anywhere near a saucepan. A blend, on the other hand ...
I'd say a whisky sauce would be too sweet to go with haggis. I'd go with Redcogs and just serve it up with gravy. Maybe with a green veg on the side, something like steamed cabbage.
It's a tricky one to tart up, because it's so nice as it is.


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Gravy all the way, baby.

A knob of melted butter.

The best addition to haggis is more haggis.

You could try a Flying Scotsman - a haggis-stuffed chicken breast (or whole chicken? Mmmm, nom nom nom!
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