How does this work then.


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Right confession time,i am a numpty at most things involving gadgets.Mrs P even downloads my photos from the memory card to the computer.I can then copy and paste and upload the photos.So this morning a friend from church asked if i would look at a petition she has signed,so i did and i think it's worth singing.Well just now while moving to different sites across the screen in two places came an add,from Immigration Lawyers crickey this is only two hours after i put my name and email details in.How does that work then.


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goggle are watching your every move


It's just how the tinterweb works. Just be careful what links you hit as sometimes your friends don't actually send you them, sometimes they have a virus that sends it out to everyone in their contact list. Update your antivirus often and you will be fine.


You say that in jest, but I have on a few occasions thought about something, started to type into Google & it starts to suggest the thing I have been thinking about almost immediately I start to type.
Now that you mention it that has happened to me.


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I log into google to get my email, then log out again. I am not logged in now. I use duckduckgo. Still I get adverts relevant to things for which I have searched or which I have bought. They use the IP address.


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If you are running Windows 10, go onto Youtube and look for videos that tell you how to remove all the bits of Win10 that spy on you. Settings that are on by default but can be turned off. Then check every time Windows does an 'update' because they sometimes turn those things back on, apparently.


VPN? How will that help? You do realise that Google (Gmail) is setting a cookie when you log in, that cookie is being used to deliver adverts to you on other sites.
This is how Google makes money, it's not that complicated.
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