How far do you commute?


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Hi folks,

Just curious as to how many miles you all do on your commute?

Reason being is that i currently have a 7 mile round trip commute but i will be moving in a couple of months and have worked out that the commute will then be roughly about a 45 mile round trip.:biggrin:

My job can involve a lot of walking on certain days and having to commute for 22/23 miles after a days graft is getting me a bit worried:blush:

Do you think this is possible without exhausting myself?

Bearing in mind that i do shift work and can sometimes work for 10 days straight without any time off?

For those of you that do travel this many miles on a regular basis, what sort of times are you doing this in?

Cheers in advance;)


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Mine is 13 miles round trip. A 45 mile round trip is do-able, but not every day (if it were me).


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30 mile round trip about 1 hour each way. Whilst in the summer months I will often increase this with added loops but when it is peeing down with rain and blowing a hoolie 15 miles is quite enough.


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10 mile each way taking anywhere from 35-40 minutes depending on bike,weather and how tired my legs are .

I stand up most of the day and it involves some manual lifting of car sub assembly parts in boxes.On the odd day i use the car i feel tireder all day .

Maybe try alternate days to start with and see how you feel?Also depends how hilly your route is as well, i invite the fixie pixies to try my route every day :biggrin:


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19 miles each way. Best I can do is alternate days and afraid not all year round - wind is the biggest factor. Hopefully I will build up to 5-days straight this summer. Takes me anything from 1hr 10min (in) to 1hr 30 on the way back on the windiest days (westerly direction always into the wind) although avge is nearer 1hr 20min coming home.

I guess it depends on your bike, fitness & road/route conditions. If the roads are good and you can bowl along without traffic, lights etc on a road bike and you are fit then I would think that you would be ok - Being mid 40's, overweight and only recently getting into cycling I reckon if you aren't all of these you might be OK.


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We have two sites on island, my old commute was 16 mile round trip. Currently my commute is an 8 mile round trip. As the weather gets better will extend the home leg to take in a coastal ride and get some extra miles in

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A 13 mile round trip, takes about 25 minutes each way. I do a manual job, it can get very busy and I can be a bit knackered by the end of the week.


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43-45 mile round trip here, depending on my route.


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11 mile round trip for me. I'm 40+ and overweight and there's 2 steep hills to climb on the way home that really have me longing for the weekend. Although I think if it was further, it would improve my fitness a lot more anyway. Plus, I have a mental problem that forces me to turn each ride into a workout - I just have to push myself and end up exhausted each time.

I do walk it quite a lot, which takes 90 minutes each way without any problems. I guess if you take it easy your commute would be around 90 minutes or a little more, so I'd say it's definitely doable. A lot would depend on your route :biggrin:


14 miles each way. I do not do it every day and am currently managing 3 days a week. I often have to take the motorbike or car for some other reason. I really enjoy the ride and although I have only been doing it for about 5 weeks, I am noticing the difference already - particularly my hill legs are stronger.


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Guvnor said:
Reason being is that i currently have a 7 mile round trip commute but i will be moving in a couple of months and have worked out that the commute will then be roughly about a 45 mile round trip.

I do a 20ish mile round trip. It takes about two hours in total, including the time it takes getting the bike into its cage at one end of the building when I arrive, walking to the lift at the other end (no stairs from the basement), back to the changing rooms at the far end again, then along to my desk at the other. :biggrin:

If I were you I would try the 45 mile trip over a weekend before doing it on a work day.
20 mile round trip with 500 feet of climbing in each direction. Do 4 out of 5 and when time allows I stretch the run home by 7 miles twice a week. The additional milage is to practice suffering on hills. Nothing long, just a series of short sharp lumps one after another. 45 is manageable but I would be tempted to build into it. Start with 3 days M+W+F then add in another when you are used to the additional effort and keep the spare day as an optional.
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