How Many Days Off The Bike Before You Lose Your MOJO?


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My longest spell off the bike this year, was five days and when I tackled that first hill after the lay off, I found it a lot easier than before. I assume this has something to do with muscle recovery or something like that?

However, with Christmas and everything, I am struggling to find any hours to put into my cycling.

There is a real chance that by the time I next get on the bike for a proper commute, a full twelve days will have passed.

Will my legs be useless up the hills and will my lungs burst?

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Well, write it down boy ......
Yes, you will probably die.

Or you may just be a touch slower and ache a little till you get into the swing of things again. Two weeks is nothing really fitness wise unless you're an elite athlete, although I like to ride regularly because it makes me feel good.


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I’m going to have at least 3 months off probably (at least riding outside). I expect to know how to cycle still when I get back out
I know from experience that leaving it for too long (like a year or two) can take you back to square one.

I've also learned recently that a few days off now and again is highly beneficial.

So it stands to reason that there must be a sweet spot in between where your legs have rested enough but not reverted to useless mush.


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If I have a 3-4 week layoff it takes 2-3 rides to get back to full steam. Anything less might mean I ache a bit after the first ride.

A five day layoff is often a good idea and the muscle recovery will make following rides easier. Twelve days should have a similar effect but you might feel a bit more tired afterwards.


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Bike is my daily transport and everything in between so on it most days.
It also depends on the reason for the lay-off. If it was just not cycling, then that is completely different from a lay-off due to injury where the injury repair time has to be taken into account.

Optimum recovery time varies a lot, especially with age.


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I've been finding it hard to not ride this month :wacko: Sedentry job is good for putting ones feet up after training, but also contributory to calorie excesses and tight musclature :laugh:


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It also depends on the reason for the lay-off.
I'd intended to do a couple of 20 milers this week to keep myself in condition, but other stuff has sort of got in the way. No matter what though, I'm cycling in on the 4th and if it kills me, at least I will die on a Monday on the way in to work.


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Ive been off the bike for a week. It grey, wet and grim here. But I have been out walking every day instead.
similar here but its been freezing overnight and we had a couple of inches of snow yesterday that has now frozen and now we have been hit with tier 4 so club rides suspended .
I will be back at work next week and i will ride more than this :sad:
2020 target milage has bit the dust now


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I have not cycled since August due to finding the lump in my groin.I am waiting for an appointment took look at it again.So when I do get back out,I do the same thing I did before.Go to Otley 25 mile ride flat,do it a few times and slowly at first.Then build up the miles.A nice ride is 44 miles Rufforth and the Old School House cafe.Again flat.
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