How many layers?


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It's freezing fog out there this morning. Brrr... Got Mr Norbert Frosty out of the garage ready for a pootle and my fingers nearly fell off it's so cold.


So how many layers will be required to be worn whilst out cycling today, then?


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Two layers on top and one down below as normal for me - you soon warm up if you're going fast enough and more than that and you get too hot and sweaty. Good gloves essential though... Specialized Sub-Zeros for me.

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Min 5, max 6 this time of the year. I would rather take a layer off, than find myself freezing my a*se off half way through the ride.
It does get very cold in Sussex you know;)


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I'm wearing:

Bib longs
Waterproof over trousers
Base layer
wicking t shoots x 2
merino wool jumper
jacket (aldi special or a night vision)
glove liners
woolen sock x 2
neoprene over shoes
hi vis vest
ankle hi vis straps

...and I am still freezing towards the end of the ride.

...I call this my blubber replacement suit:biggrin:


I cannot believe that kit list. A helly hansen top with a windproof jacket and some bib tights is all you need. I took off my neoprene over boots at the weekend as my feet were sweating so much. However, I wish I had put on my skull cap as my ears were a little nippy this morning.


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Today I'm in my normal jeans, teeshirt, thin longsleeved top, thick fleece longsleeved top, and Endura jacket over the lot, and Altura waterproof gloves. But then coming in here is a third of a mile, and I'm hoping the fog will have lifted by lunchtime when I need to go up to campus...
I had ice in my hair after this morning's outing. Brrrrr..!
I was wearing two top layers and a waterproof shell; windproof gloves, shorts, thermal windproof aldi special longs, and overshoes over my boots. I was nice and warm apart from my head.


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As usual I was wearing thermal (non wind stopper) bib longs and a similar long sleeved jersey. Neoprene overshoes, windstopper gloves and a winter cycling cap.

I find the windstopper stuff can actually make you colder and more uncomfortable than just thick thermal stuff as the sweat builds up underneath.

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dhb bib 3/4s (winter weight)
Altura ascent shorts (for the pockets, rather than any additional warmth)
Baselayer (LS)
Jersey (short sleeve)
dhb Amberley jacket

glove liners
aldi winter gloves

Endura skull cap

My big mistake was only one pair of socks :/

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The key thing has to be to have a pannier or bag on the bike. Then your can happily start off erring on the side of caution in the knowledge that excess clothing can be stuffed into said bag.


I find I can keep extra winter clothing to a minimum by wearing a fleece headband under my helmet - kepps me nice and toasty.


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Cycling Shorts
Trackie Bottoms (yes I know but walking about a campus to my office in Lycra is a no no)
Defeet Base Layer Top
Decathlon Winter Windproof LS Top
Altura Gloves
Biemme Thermal Skull Cap (goes over ears)

No overshoes today - was warmer than yeaterday.
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