How many pedals do you have on your bike?

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This afternoon I had a meeting at one of the forts on Portsdown Hill.

This is god news as the afternoon ends with a brilliant down hill!

One of my colleagues offered to take myself and the Brompton up as it would give us a chance to discuss the meeting.

So far so good....

Then my colleague left I stayed behind to sort out a few points, and then reassembled the Brompton to find that I had only one pedal, the other (quick release pedals) had detached itself and is still in the boot of my departed colleagues car!

I now know why bikes have two pedals!


Oooh, bad luck there, mate! Hope you called him on his moby to let him know. How did you get home?!


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Once a pedal fell off my bike (years ago! when I had a road bike) but I only had a mile or two to go. So what I did was, I tied my right foot to the pedal (no SPDS etc) which did the trick - saved walking, and must have looked amusing!


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Well at least he wasn't on it at the time, I had a pedal fall of when I was sprinting for the lights on a road bike one night. I came to a stop about 5m from where it came off, have skidded there on my side. Took a couple of minutes to figure out what had happened, fortunately it was 2am and there was no other traffic about...


serve you right for being transported up hills so you can ride down them

that's shameful and spineless behaviour

you got off lightly


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Once, when cycling up the Col de la Bonnette, my crank actually snapped off! I put it down to the immense power I was generating to get me and my fully loaded panniers to the top. ;) Fortunately, we were only a km or so from the top. However, it did mean then free-wheeling for about 30km to Barcelonnette and the nearest cycle shop. Luckily it was mostly down hill and for the flatter bits I relied on my brother to help keep my momentum up!

Fun, fun, fun.


Tynan said:
serve you right for being transported up hills so you can ride down them

that's shameful and spineless behaviour

you got off lightly

I know!

Hence the visit by the Pedal Fairy!

My excuse is that we had to discuss the meeting!

I pedalled one legged or free wheeled. The journey home is about 5 miles of which 2 are down hill.
Earlier this year, I had three bikes and two sets of pedals.
TT bike, 'best bike', wet weather/part-time commuting bike.

I was looking for a third set, but biding my time on eBay trying to get a 'bargain', rather than being outbid by someone who wanted to pay more for some secondhand ones than new RRP.

But ;) every bl**dy time :ohmy: I wanted to use a bike, it was the one without pedals.
Every time I went out, I'd have to take pedals off one of the others, then next time I went out, that was the bike I wanted.
Drove me nuts.

Must say though, it didn't occur to me to try only one pedal on two bikes ! :ohmy:

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I tried riding with one pedal once when I'd injured my knee and could only use one leg. To say it was not successfull would be an understatement!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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years ago i used to carry a spanner socket thingy because i had this old heavy racer and the pedal would work its way off every ten miles or so.

being young and foolish, it seemed like a suitable solution. stop at the side of the road, tighten the beast, pedal off. stop at the side of the road... you get the picture.
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