How many pedals do you have on your bike?


aulda said:
Once, when cycling up the Col de la Bonnette, my crank actually snapped off! I put it down to the immense power I was generating to get me and my fully loaded panniers to the top. ;) Fortunately, we were only a km or so from the top. However, it did mean then free-wheeling for about 30km to Barcelonnette and the nearest cycle shop. Luckily it was mostly down hill and for the flatter bits I relied on my brother to help keep my momentum up!

Fun, fun, fun.
I can assure people that cranks can and do break even when not under conditions of 'immense power'. My son had one snap cleanly near the B/B end - and he was merely pedalling along the A27 near Brighton...


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You could have lowered the saddle, recaptured your childhood and used it like a likeabike
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