How many social interactions today?

Apparently police have been intervening in a Que at the bakers in the village (outside the shop) telling people to keep further apart. Bakers has now shut for the foreseeable.
Spanish police, presumably ...


Norven Mankey
One pointless trip to Currys to try and collect a laptop needed for home schooling. Was being delivered to store today for collection but shop all locked up and tracking details now show parcel undelivered and stuck in system :cursing:
Second a trip to chemist to collect prescriptions that couldn't be fulfilled yesterday.
Thats it, all done by bicycle and now back home under lockdown!
For the purposes of the tally if you kept minimum of 2m from pharmacist etc that's not a "social interaction"

Tuesday March 24: none

Went for a walk with the boys. Saw a neighbour pushing bike up a hill with a puncture but shouted conversation across the road with him. Called in at post office to set up delivery of "Inside Soap" for son#1 but kept behind the 2m line

Running total March 21-24: one

Brompton Bruce

Coffeeeeeeeee pleeeeease
Never seen so many people out jogging as I did on my allotted exercise today, much busier than yesterday.

No large groups, just 2 or 3 people mainly, walking dogs or with children.

That's me on lock down until work tomorrow, then I'll be mingling with dozens of people :rolleyes:
Are you taking up jogging too?


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My mum keeps baking buns...
........she certainly remembers how to bake!
I am lost as to your problem? Are you putting on weight?


Quite dreadful
lost somewhere
A 7:30pm I rode down to Hammersmith Bridge and then went four miles down the Thames Path to Chiswick Bridge. I had never seen the path so empty.....less than a dozen walkers and only four cyclists. Everybody was keen to stay away from each other, unless it was just my appearance that scared them. After the bridge I wiggled through Mortlake and Barnes and then back to Hammersmith Bridge. That stretch was even emptier. I stopped off at a corner shop to buy some grog. One interaction.
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