How many social interactions today?


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near Hornsea
Work seems to be my downfall :sad: No interactions outside the household, until this afternoon when I get to work. I was on standby shift today, so sat in the mess room all afternoon. Generally the 2m rule was observed, until around 6:30pm when it got a little crowded, so I got permission to leave & went to a nearby Tesco, fairly empty, so had a quick mooch round got what I wanted, self service, paid contactless & back to work. Sat on a platform bench for a good half hour or so until I saw a few people leave the mess room & then returned for a few more hours.
The 16 mile cycle home was nice, slight tailwind, not many cars at all, Hull city centre extremely quite & only I only saw 1 car in the last 10 miles :blush:
I'm off now for the rest of the week, so I'll be keeping interactions outside the household to a minimum & after 4 days in the house with Mrs SD, interactions within the house may also become reduced :laugh:

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Passed lots of people while cycling, kept distance as best as could even though I was past most in about 2 seconds.
Tonight I'll possibly take a more road based route and avoid shared paths.
Probably need to go shopping this evening on a quest for fruit and frozen veg!


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A few. Limited numbers are now being permitted into the store at any one time, one person per shop policy and everyone's waiting patiently outside, spaced well apart until they're invited in. There's markers on the floor at the tills so everyone knows where to stand, apart from the pillock behind me who stood breathing down my neck. Maybe i should have turned and coughed... sorry mate I didn't expect anyone to be so close :rolleyes:

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Only Mr WD again. Went out on my bike but once again I was Billy no mates . The roads were dead and Mach was empty.


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Zero again today. I was very nearly returning to work but was cancelled at the last minute. Instead they broke into the cabinet to which only I hold the key.
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