How many social interactions today?


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One involuntary. Ventured out to the supermarket. Got inside and there was a security guard by the door. I asked him to step back which he did. I then noticed another employee about a metre away ahead of me. I turned on my heels and left. Tomorrow I'll try a different one.
Back to work so probably 30-40.

Trying to keep 2m distance is tricky, but we are doing what we can.

Dog walk tonight as my allowed exercise, saw 3 or 4 other people out doing the same, one cyclist who seemed to be doing laps of the housing estate on the pavement, and a scooterist with a mask on...

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Today 2 In total. Mr WD doesn't count. :laugh: when I left my house to do my daily cycling exercise I met my 2 neighbours who were going for a walk on the hills. We stayed the right distance from each other.

I saw about half a dozen cars/vans. 4 cyclists and 4 or 5 other walkers but didn't go any where near them.


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I've been painting the outhouse so no contact with the outside world.
The outhouse looks so much bigger with all the clutter removed. Usually just has the tumble dryer, an old kitchen unit and a small fridge with a bit of work surface spanning the three.

Speaking of fridges, when we had the kitchen done we had an integrated fridge freezer fitted and it was agreed that I would put the old fridge in the outhouse to serve as my "Beer Fridge"
Sad to say, Mrs Tenkay has been encroaching, there's spuds and cabbage and all sorts in there now despite my protestations that beer is an essential.


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Zero. The rich folks across the valley set off fireworks for the 8 o'clock applause.

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Mr WD doesn't count.
I thought not. Poor b*gg*r. :laugh:

Not counting Mrs 26 or the odd email/wotsapp, zero today.

Yesterday during my 2 wheeled outing I met a pal coming the other way. We spoke across the width of the road. Felt both weird and a relief. Weird because of the distancing and a relief to actually speak to a pal.
Stayed in and I wasn't burgled that's a proper zero for me.

It may all go wrong tomorrow with a trip to Morrisons.

Last time I was in there neither the staff nor the customers were doing much social distancing.
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