How much does muscle weigh?

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I've been back on the bike for a while now, and lost a lot of weight... initially that is.

But I've put it all back on. It all seems to be around my calves. Is that normal?


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What makes you think it's muscle?


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Muscle weighs more than fat. As you exercise you will burn the excess fat and put on muscle. You will put on a bit of weight, but look at your self in a mirror and you should notice that you have changed shape. particually your calves and thighs


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Muscle is about 18% more dense that fat.
Muscle density is 1.06 g/ml
Fat density is 0.9 g/ml
These are averages cos different muscle/fat types etc will vary the numbers slightly

I wouldn't have expected most muscle growth to be around your calves though. More likely your quads but maybe calves are just more noticable


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I found an interesting article re this:

"A corollary to this is that you may gain weight due to liftingweights, even while loosing fat weight. This is one of the greatestexercise myths. The myth is based in fact: muscle is more dense andweighs more than fat. The same weight of muscle take up nearly halfthe volume as the same weight of fat.The problem with this is that not very many people will be able to addthe volume of muscle mass relative to fat lost to gain weight.Remember, the average man will add only 4 Kg of muscle mass in arigorous training program."
I lost a little bit of middle aged spread at the start, but little weight. I've been riding regularly for about 2 years now and have just lost another 3-4 kilos over the last six months. Not dieted or anything but I do try to eat sensibly.


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Cycling doesn't generally gain you big muscles, just very efficient ones - I've been cycling 21 years and have cyclists legs - i.e. big thighs/moderate calves, but they will never be body builder size..

Since changing jobs and getting back on the bike I've shed 9kgs in the last 3 months - 90kg's to 81 now and 'hopefully' this will now level out - my racing weight when I was younger was about 78kgs (12-12.5 stone)


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I got on my bike and started training in march (plus gym work) same time as I went on a diet. I have lost 1 1/12 stone but the clothes I am into now tell me I should be almost 1/2 a stone lighter and I am convinced it is the muscle/fat weight thing. I have never been so fit nor continuously done so much exercise and it feels good :smile:

Did I read right the idea that in rigourous excersise the weight gain of muscle can be around 4 kgs? if 1 kg=2.2lbs that 8.8 lbs, over 1/2 stone and that would match my theory of my own wieght loss. :ohmy:

A friend of mine is a runner and didn't get to do any training for quite a while, she then found she was lighter on the scales than she had been in ages, yet size wise she was a lot bigger.

Anyway, I would agree ithe weight is probably more quads, and possibly gluts than the calves.
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