how much does you roadie weigh?

young Ed

right, list the weights of your roadies and what they're made of (allow frame, carbon fork or carbon everything etc)

2009 Scott Speedster- Alloy frame, carbon fork- 9 point something (lowish i think) kg unladen but i always have a great big saddle pack that weighs a ton :sad:
Cheers Ed

Shut Up Legs

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7kg less than my touring bike.


Dodgy Aerial
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Mine's really light. And then I get on it. Then it's a bit heavier than some.


Sensa trentino sl limited addition pro 9.2 kg with seat pouch with tube and a mini pump..
carbon fork and full 4650 tiagra groupset..thank you Merlins cycles its a peach.

as above heavier when I get on it...
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