How much stuff is attached to your bars?


From left to right; Garmin Edge Touring on an out in front mount, little frog eye light, Halfords Lezyne rip off L.E.D. front light, Aldi wireless 9 function computer (rigged to the front wheel), a bell, Tesco wireless 9 function computer (rigged up to the rear wheel for turbo sessions), turbo trainer adjuster. That's a lot of stuff to have on the bars.:wacko:


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There's too much there.

Light, computer. That's it on mine. And the light comes off for daytime riding.

Lose the bell, pop the frog light onto the fork, use one computer only and you'll have some space.
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Garmin on stem, xml t 6 on left , p4 torch on right.


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Last year: Reflector, light, trip computer, additional high level brake levers and map holder. (Plus bar end mirrors just out of shot). Since then I've swapped the reflector for a second light. With all the extra bits stuck on it, it is starting to look like the front of a Phillippino Jeepney.

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What's the thing next to the right shifter? And don't you ever long to stick your hands right where all that stuff is? :smile: If just for 30s! No just 10s!


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For audaxing I squeeze in two lights cyclecomputer ,garmin and route sheet holder.

Not got enough faith in GPS to stow the route sheet in a pocket .Too easy to miss a control .

Couldnt ride with "racing roadkills" set up though. I like holding the bar tops going uphill sometimes.
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