I admit it. I'm a coward

Ste T.

Has anybody else taken the cowards way out?

About 10 years ago I was on my way home passing a side road when a car pulled up to the line with four young lads in it. The driver smiled and I dont know why but my Spider senses started tingling and sure enough ,at the last possible moment ,he pulled out forcing me to slam on and nearly go over the bars. He then shot off with the two lads in the back looking at me ,laughing their heads off and giving me the finger.
I pedaled after them as fast as I could but lost them over the next half a mile. I was livid and started to slow down and bimble the last mile home to try to calm down. Five minutes later, in the shadows as I crossed the local civic centre car park, who should I see locking their car up under a floodlight then crossing the road with cues in their hands to the local poolhall, but our four young heros. I stood there for a minute trying to decide what to do, then walked over to the car, let all four tyres down , hopped back on my bike and cycled home.
When the rain woke me up lashing the bedroom window at about 11.30 , I must admit the thought that they would be getting back to their car about then sent me back to sleep with a nice warm feeling in my tummy. They say it's best served cold...they're right.


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Good work!


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Dont see anything wrong with it myself.

I was thinking of doing the same thing to some bloke who races around our apartment block car park. If you could see the way its laid out, itd be obvious that there are so many places someone could just walk out of and he/she would be unable to do anything but hit them.

I was told...its always funny till it happens to you. Hopefully your little comeback will make them a little more circumspect in future.


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I think this cause of action is an utter disgrace, shame on you for not taking the wing mirrors as a trophy also :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Brilliant ...love it :angry:


Of course - there's always a bit of wire/twig/detritus in the keyhole of an exposed locking petrol cap - if you want it served colder still a few more miles down the road at the next petrol station...


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Good work !

And better a coward than a beaten up one.
One on one i would take my chances in a self defense situation to protect myself, but 4? not good odds especially given the likelihood of people carrying a weapon .In a pool hall as well ? lot of cues and hard objects to be used as well.
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