I am truely a Knight in shining armour


Yes I can, Yes I am, Yes I did...Repeat.
Riding along today i happened across a distressing damsel...looking most confused and anxious:wacko:...the bike was on the grass and she was poking around in the chain area with a stick:ohmy:...hmm..to the rescue me thawt as I shouted across the road of she needed help...she raised her head..and wimpered that her chain had come off and she couldnt get it on again...the basket on the front revealed this was no roadie...the single front cog had me flummoxed...where was the de railer...shoot you mean they actually make bikes like this...omg:ohmy:...and did I do the right thing my telling her to CLEAN THE CHAIN?;)...

2 minutes later it was back on the cog and she was singing my praises.. couldnt have been more grateful...I was apparently proof that decent men still exist in the universe:thumbsup:.

I took a bow, polished up my armour rode off into the sunset:laugh:.

Lovely old dear she was to:laugh:


Trying to put her chain back on, with a stick!? lol

Well done for putting her it right ;)


God's Own County
I hope that if I ever come a cropper I am assisted by a kind chap like you - well done!

I must add that I wouldn't be trying to get my chain on with a stick, I'm not quite that bad!

Gerry Attrick

Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant
Well done BoaB. Have another biskit:biggrin:


I am truley a knight in fleecy armour

I helped a lamb in distress get back to its mother tonight. It was trying to push through one of those wire fences which are made up of large squares and had got trapped. I picked it up and lifted it over the fence and it felt all warm and fleecy which was nice. :evil:
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