i had a wii…


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or at least a go on one last night (wii sports, bowling) and for someone who cycles regularly, i can't believe that my arse cheeks feel like they did a stage of the tour last night.

maybe you can wii yourself fit after all…
Can I have a go?


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It's wees....ridiculous name.

They're very good fun, and amazing exercise. Try the boxing match...I couldn't lift my arms afterwards. We saw on the TV that an old people's home in Yorkshire have invested in a couple to keep the old people fit. Great idea...
wee is the right way I fink


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The boxing is good fun got well into it can still hear the daughters boyfriend shouting watch the screen as we nearly had a controller 50 inch screen interface on more than one occasion. The bowling provides a great evenings entertainment.

Tried the Brain Academy thing on Xmas day but it was a bit disapointing, lack of explanation of what you had to do mainly plus it was a faff loading characters.


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We got one for Christmas (well apart from clothes it was the only thing my kids got from us really), and it seems that different children are better at different things ... its nice that age isn't the only deciding factor. Middle child is very dangerous at the boxing game... I had read previously that a wii only increases activity levels by 2% above sitting at a PC - not so for her boxing. My favourite is Lego Star Wars!!!
Yep! Wii got one too. They are excellent. Everyone had a go at our mini party last night and it was the cause of much hilarity. The first games console which can give you Tennis Elbow.


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Bought one when they first came out but only for the kids (honest), first time I used the baseball game I pulled a muscle in my arm.:smile:
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