I Hate Summer Commuting

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by spen666, 16 May 2018.

  1. spen666

    spen666 Guru

    Am I the only one?

    No, its not the heat that I have an issue with, its the summer cyclists. I'd happily ride with lorries, taxis and cars if these summer cyclists ceased to exist.

    No, its not all summer cyclists, but those who have:
    1. No understanding of the highway Code
    2. No understanding of traffic lights
    3. No common sense or courtesy

    Just today one one commute, I am nearly taken out by a cyclist joinging the cycle superhighway from a side road on my right. He looked, saw me, then continued through the giveway lines and only avoided hitting me as a result of my taking avoiding action. According to him, its my fault because I should have stopped on the main cycle superhighway to let him join from the right. Apparently the giveway lines, and the fact he is joining from a side road are irrelevant. PS if he's reading this, my parents were married

    Than at another set of traffic lights, I stopped when they turned red and was first in line. Not one, but six bumbling people on bikes proceed to ride around queueing traffic and stop in front of me, blocking my moving when the lights changed. They of course never moved because they had stopped infront of the lights, so couldn't see the lights had changed. Then when they did move, they all wobble and swerve so much its almost impossible to pass them at their 6 mph pace

    Another set of lights, cyclist queing up 2 abreast ( width of lane heading our direction) and cycle lane turns right after lights, so pratt on bike ride up opposite side of cycle lane and swerves in from the right as cyclists at front of queue are turning right, causing an accident.

    I can't wait for the clocks to go back
  2. mjr

    mjr Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next

    I've written it before and I'll probably write it again: I still prefer it now that these idiots with no understanding of the highway code, no understanding of traffic lights and no common sense or courtesy are on bikes instead of driving cars!
  3. AndyRM

    AndyRM XOXO

    Whitley Bay
  4. OP

    spen666 Guru

    In London, they would be on tube/ train/ bus and not in cars.
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  5. Welsh wheels

    Welsh wheels Lycra king

    South Wales
    Should ride in Wales, never have a problem with inconsiderate cyclists in the city or in the countryside. Except perhaps ones who work for a well-known courier. Anyway, there are inconsiderate and careless people in all walks of life. Chill out, don't let it bother you and enjoy your riding.
  6. mjr

    mjr Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next

    It certainly used to feel like enough more were in cars to foul things up!
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  7. Moodyman

    Moodyman Guru

    I've noticed a few new faces on my commute too.

    They take it personally when you pass them, or look over their shoulder constantly when they overtake you expecting you to come back at them.

    What happened to riding a bike to just get somewhere.
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  8. botchjob

    botchjob Über Member

    I commute on my road bike, in cleats and clobber, and at this time of year often find myself being passed by younger chaps pedalling furiously in trainers, on creaking bikes with rusty chains, as if to prove some sort of point.

    I always hope it really irritates them when I pass them a little further up the road once they’ve run out of puff.
  9. Threevok

    Threevok Carpe Rotam

    South Wales
    Round here, it's nice too see some other people out on their bikes - even the kids

    On yesterday's hike up to the park, I think I saw more cyclists - than dog walkers :becool:
  10. Brandane

    Brandane Fair weather cyclist.

    Sounds more like a London problem than a summer cycling problem. Too many people, not enough space.
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  11. Welcome to Chopocopolis.
  12. dave r

    dave r Pedalling Pensioner

    Holbrooks Coventry
    I used to commute in my work boots and work clothes, but I was an enthusiastic club rider at the time, I would find it mildly amusing to pass someone in all the gear and have them come past a few moments later then run out of puff a hundred yards down the road and I'd then go past again.
  13. it’s all about perspective. The really hilarious bike riders only really ride for 12 weeks of the year, that leaves 40 weeks with them not around. That’s easy to deal with. Just let the ‘have a go heros’ have a go, keep your eyes peeled for the kamikaze, and der Stuka. they don’t tend to stray much outside the boundaries of their urban cage, so they rarely bother me.
  14. Mugshot

    Mugshot Guru

    Yeah!! I hate seeing people on bikes too, particularly if they're inexperienced or slow, if they were all as great as I am and always have been it'd be ok, but as they're not they should get off my roads and stop enjoying the summer!!!!! :cursing:
  15. screenman

    screenman Legendary Member

    I wonder what it is like to be perfect. If I was a new cyclist and come fell upon topics like this I would say stuff it and get back in the car.
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