I have a big rack!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by Vantage, 12 Jul 2018.

  1. Vantage

    Vantage The dogs chew toy

    But can it be lowered? Tortec Expedition.
    My plan, is to ask Pam's dad to squish the tubing up to the weld where all the tubes meet then drill another 6mm hole thereby lowering the thing by about 2 inches.
    Any metallurgist's here think this would cause issues? (besides warrantee issues)
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  2. Drago

    Drago Soiler of Y fronts

    Sweet rack.
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  3. OP

    Vantage The dogs chew toy

    I read on YACF somewhere that these Tortec racks have discrepencies in their sizes. The labelling thingymajig says its for both 700c and 26".
  4. Hugh Manatee

    Hugh Manatee Veteran

    I wouldn't have thought that you would retain much of the strength. Squishing the tube would cause some pretty impressive stress risers and wouldn't be the same as solid metal for the hole.
    It looks like an alloy of aluminium. Do you know what type? Some need extensive treating after welding to stop them being brittle and weak.
    A good welder with the correct equipment, (tig I would guess) and filler rods might be able to do a job but there are a lot of variables.
    I would forget the whole squishing plan. Can you not find a rod of the correct diameter and shove that up inside the tube?
    A better plan all round might be to advertise on here for a swap.
  5. Ian H

    Ian H Guru

    East Devon
    I would be very wary of bending/squeezing aluminium alloy.
    As others have mentioned, and I have found, Tortec racks do vary in height (two, supposedly identical, bought).
  6. dantheman

    dantheman Veteran

    I reckon you could grind down the weld slightly, cut a portion of the tube out and then use a slightly larger tube to go over top, using some strong epoxy resin or putty to keep in place..... But - unless you bodge a bend or another fix on the tubes that connect up the top near the seatpost, then the rack will not be level, and would look worse, and forces would be applied in different places etc..

    I do think it's more hassle than its worth tbh.
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  7. bikingdad90

    bikingdad90 Formerly chris harte

    It looks gorgeous, don’t do anything to it!!
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  8. Tenacious Sloth

    Tenacious Sloth Über Member

    Huntingdon, UK
    It'll help keep the bottom of the panniers away from your heels.
  9. Crankarm

    Crankarm Guru

    Nr Cambridge
    You would certainly invalidate any warranty and failure of the new mounting point i.e. the metal cracked and broke around the bolt would mean you would have to buy a new rack.
  10. OP

    Vantage The dogs chew toy

    Think I'll leave it as it is.
    Thanks chaps and chappettes.
  11. iluvmybike

    iluvmybike Well-Known Member

    Why not just get a rack top bag - Trotec do ones that match their rack - and ditch the saddle bag?
  12. OP

    Vantage The dogs chew toy

     Sacrilege! :eek:
    One doesn't just 'ditch' a Carradice saddlebag! What's wrong with you? ^_^
    Old fashioned and not terribly sexy they may be but they are build to last and do a better job of their intended use than some of the blingy crap that's out there.
    I'm more concerned about how the rack looks and its rather high centre of gravity when it's eventually loaded for a tour. Looks like I'll just have to keep the loaded weight down as much as reasonably possible.
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  13. the snail

    the snail Veteran

    Might be able to swap the mudguard/rack and use the lower mounts on the dropouts, which would bring the rack a bit lower?
  14. YukonBoy

    YukonBoy Extra solar

    Ultima Thule
    ^^^ Just what I was thinking.
  15. YukonBoy

    YukonBoy Extra solar

    Ultima Thule
    Other thought was to get the Carradice SuperC rack bag
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