I have had a crash - Advice please


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Had a guy rear end me today.

We were in stop-start traffic (I dont know why) and I was waiting behind one car at thhe front of a small queue of cars.
The car in front moved up a little and so did I. Before I knew it, I got a bump fromt the rear. I turned around to see a guy apologising and pointing to the kerb.
I got off my bike and headed to the kerb (I was keeping a close eye on him because I thought he was going to drive away (and a chase would have been brilliant)) but he pulled over.

I got all his details: Reg, Name, Number, Insurance company.

We inspected the damage and there was a small scuff on my tire (which he rubbed off before I could see). He said there was no damage to his car (I didnt look but I doubt that there was any).

The guy was alright with it and apologised. We went on our ways with smiles on our faces and I thanked him for stopping as other people would just drive away.

The problem is now, should I take my wheel to my LBS or just shrug it off? The bump was very minor (and when I say minor, I have gone through potholes which have given the wheel a bigger jolt). The wheel dodnt feel any different or out of true so should I just leave it?
What is the next step? Is it really a police matter?


I think if it had done any damage youd have noticed pretty miuch straight away, but you might want to check the tension on the spokes
These things happen. Nice that you were both good about it and good that no-one was hurt.

Get the bike on a stand (or upturn it) and spin the rear wheel.

Check if it's true. I'm no engineer, so I just look between the brake blocks.

If it's out of true, I'd pop it into your LBS. It will cost only a few quid to have it straightened if it needs it.


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Just spin the wheel and check it's true. 5 minute job to true yourself. I have had a slow shunt from behind, and I didn't even need to pull over, just turned round, saw the driver apologise, spun the wheel, all fine so carried on. The driver passed me very wide later on.

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Glad you are ok. Daft error from the driver, but at least he did the decent thing and you parted amicably. As others have said, a quick spin of the wheel should tell you if it's true or not. If in doubt, take it to your LBS.


"Young and Ex-whippet"
The wheel isnt out of true. I wont be taking the incident further. I just posted it on here to ask if there was a process that I had to go through, if any. There was no injury so it isnt a police matter and there was no damage so it isnt an insurance matter.

BTW I asked the guy if he wanted my insurance details and he declined. Should I have given them to him anyway?


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non issue non incident non non
You're too busy to spin the wheel yourself but post on here and ask about this non event? (sorry i forgot about the marked rubber that was previously present before he touched it with his thumb).
the guy doesn't want your insurance details yet you're asking everyone on here if we think you should stalk him down and keep offering? Is this just a statement to let us know you've got yourself insured for just such a non incident as this? I'm confused.
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