I have just been hit by an M&S lorry


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I have just been hit by an M&S (contractors)lorry

...riding in primary position (about 3 feet off the curb) up a hill I hear the engine rev behind me, I see a car coming in the oposite direction, but he comes around anyway, as he does he cuts me up and rams me into the curb knocking me off with the side of the container bit! He clearly had no chance of getting round but still tried. I am ok ...'shaken..not stirred' is the phrase I would use. the bike is ok...but all the gears are out of sync now and I'll need a service on it. I waved my fist at him and he saw me in his mirrors and stopped about 100metres up the road and walked back to me. I gave him a piece of my mind to be honest, he was very apologetic and said...'I had no choice, there was a car coming and i would have hit it'. I told him I couldnt give a shoot ..he should never have gone around if it wasnt safe. I had a hi vis vest on and a white helmet...everybody else on the road managed to see me. I did manage to get his number and write it down. On my way back (ride now aborted) I went into the local nick and reported the incident. The police were extremely sympathetic and said it was clearly his fault(from what i had said) and that they get this all the time around here as the standard of driving is appalling in many cases. I have a police number and the matter is being reffered to the relevant officer. When they did the reg check the lorry wasnt registered to M&s although it clearly had their logo emblazened all over the rear of the lorry...(the last letter on the plate had been modified with electricians tape or similar) & the police were VERY interested in that.

Anyway, I know there is nothing that can be done, and anyway I was not hurt physically and apart from the gear thing the bike seems ok. But i feel better for having reported him, maybe if he gets a gentle 'word of advice' from the police he will think again next time he decides a cyclists life isnt worth 20 seconds of his.:blush:


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Flamin eck BTFB, glad you've survived. Sounds well dangerous. I mean that wasn't just any lorry, that was an M&S lorry.


LIke you say, doubt he'll be prosecuted but at least if plod have a word he might think next time.

Glad you're ok - could have been much worse...


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I'd email M and S quick*. If someone is impersonating them, they wanna know and if it's one of their drivers, they might send you a luxury hamper of sexy food. Or a tonne of y-fronts...

Glad you're OK. That must have been horrible!

*Unless the police have advised you not to for any legal reason.


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Bigtallfatbloke said:
The police said I should write to M&S and see if they might cover the bike service (which is all I am down ).
Gotta be worth an Xmas hamper too for goodwill and all that!
Sounds like a close one, glad you're ok and all that...with the lorry, what's going on (I wonder) with the tape/number thing? Is he impersonating an M&S lorry?


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Holy cow!! Super glad you're OK mate, big vehicles often kill cyclists. I would definitely persue the driver via M&S as well as via the police.
It might have been an M&S trailer behind a subcontractor's unit. Either that or someone's lost his trailer plate and he's pinched one off another truck and modified it with tape to resemble his own plate. Or he's put the wrong one on to avoid cameras. Both are common dodges among my less scrupulous colleagues.
Glad you're ok BFTB, sounds like a misjudgement on his part and well worth reporting and telling M&S about. If it's any help, a company called Gist Logistics handle a lot of M&S's haulage.


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the bike is ok...but all the gears are out of sync now and I'll need a service on it.

Get the shop to check the frame/dropout/hanger alignment.

Gears going out of sync after an accident suggests something may have been bent, albeit slightly.

Hopefully not though - just something minor!


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Shocking. You should have have least broken his nose, obviously the police will do the same as they always do.

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Glad you're ok BTFB. As others have said, get the bike checked over professionally (and yourself too) and report it to M&S - at the very least ask that they cover costs of checkups and repairs.

Thank chuff there was no street furniture or anything else there - what a plonker the driver was.


Glad you are ok BTFB, but remember that was not just any bad driving experience...it was an M&S bad driving experience. :blush:
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