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I`ve been on here moaning about the relentless rain back in December. Now 2 months on it`s still f*cking raining, that`s pretty much non stop since September last year. As of 1 Jan, I tried to take on the "I`m not giving into it" attitude, but after nearly 7 weeks of get up - get soaked - do day at work - get soaked - wash and dry kit - go to bed - get soaked - do day at work yada yada yada. I`m burnt out with it, my bike is a mess, I`ve wasted about half a ton of washing powder, and my morale is in the sewer.

Well today I gave in, I`m done, totally pissed off with it all. After 20 years of it I`ve had enough, I`m hanging up my cycling shoes and giving up. Please don`t give me the cobblers about there being no such thing as bad weather, only bad kit, rule no 5 etc. I`ve been through thick and thin with it, but yet the weather over the last 6 months has finished me. I`m out of here:sad::sad:

Watch the ads guys, there will be plenty going up for sale
I totally approve your decision.

Having to endure awful weather day in and day out can really make you hate cycling and spoil it forever. I hope you stopped before reaching the point of non return.

Don't sell all your kit, keep a bike and just cycle FOR LEISURE, over the weekend if the weather allows. Cycle alone or with mates...whatever makes it enjoyable.

PS: also don't listen to all the people who may say you're not tough enough. They're not tougher than you...just dumber


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It's been a mild winter so far. We've had much worse winters than this


January was average rainfall and was 2 degrees warmer than average. The OP getting fed up with cycling isn't to do with unusually bad weather
So you know my mind better than I do then?


How far can I go?


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Mild, yes. But windy and rainy as can be. I will take the cold, dry, and lack of wind over what we have been having.
Nope....January actual rainfall in the UK was 100% of the average for January. It was.....average. December was a bit wetter than average (117%), November was slightly drier than average (97%)

We live on a rather wet and windy island. Every winter is rather wet and windy.
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For me the horrible weather this season seems to come at the most inappropriate times namely - 7.30am and 5pm commuting times mid week and 7am Sunday rides. When I am sat in the office it seems to be nice out there. I can believe that overall the rain has been average, but for sure this season it seems to be out to get me more than ever before. On a plus note, much fewer icy days, so not all bad.


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We've just left the EU - the forecast for the UK is bright and sunny :whistle:


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There's a certain satisfaction in doing what others say you can't do(Not possible). They may even think you're nuts for doing it. That's lost when you start going the same way as everybody else.

If physical effort is required, you're nuttier still. But there'll be those bits that being stuck on a train, round here waiting on a train, hoping it'll show, that can't be got any other way. The feeling of freedom on two wheels, or four, doing what others regard as mad. I was told I was "f***ing nuts" when I said I could cycle in on the Bank Holidays, when services were limited.

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Feel every sympathy with the OP. I like a few others who have commented on this thread am a pleasure / liesure cyclist so we can go out when we want and then come home to a nice warm shower etc.

The OP, it appears to me, is talking of a daily commute, arriving at work soaked, having to put in a full shift then endure another soaking on the return journey.

No ribbing from me about "manning up". Good luck with whatever you decide.


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Completely understand your feelings, it can be a grind sometimes. I hope you find something else you can enjoy that keeps you active.

However, why sell all your stuff now? The weather's still rubbish and you'll likely not get a good price for it. I'd keep everything until the better weather starts and then you can either advertise it all at a time when it'll be more attractive to buyers, or you might just be tempted by the better weather yourself and hang on to it.

Either way, do what will make you happy.
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