I rejected Cambridge University. Twice.


I saw this sentence posted in one of threads and remembered that 30 years ago, you would come across such dramatic statements quite often. Other similar common dramatic statements that were popular in those days were

  • I turned down American Express when they offered me a free card
  • The Tories approached me to be a member of their Party and I had to turn them down
  • I refused to be considered for promotion.
  • The US Embassy called me and asked why I was not taking up the green card
  • I was approached by Barclays to Bank with them ( Usually small business owners)
  • I had to turn down the offer to be an Ambassador for Charity X
  • Public school education is not for me. Period.
  • I don't believe in scholarship and therefore see no reason to apply.
  • My Barber will clear appointments to accommodate me
  • My restaurant knows what wine I drink.
  • Please add on
Cambridge University rejected me twice.
I was only rejected once ! You must have been really bad


I cannot recall anyone inviting me to anything 30 years ago except when it involved I having to buy a present or to go to the pub. Had to even complete homework for a popular classmate to get an invitation to his party and then again, I had to buy something to contribute.


Flouncing Nobber
I turned town Cambridge and Durham in favour of joining t'Army. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth from my Mum, interspersed with periods of disappointed head shaking from my Dad. That said, even my Dad nearly had a coronary when I enlisted instead of trying for a commission.
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