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I left work late after a pretty hard day of trudging between site meetings laden down like a pack mule with laptops and portfolios.....grumble, grumble.

Ended up returning to the office at 6.15 and wasn't that keen on riding the 20 miles home. But I'd promised myslef I would and so off I set.

At the point where my ride really starts to become a little dull (about 15 miles in) I was feeling pretty strong. 10 minutes later I was riding faster than ever on this section...I was ripping along. I felt fantastic, invincible, like I had loads of energy, I could ride on for miles and miles.

I'd finally cracked it, all these years of riding were coming together ...I'd made it to cycling nirvana. In my mind I was signing up for club rides, time trials, endurance rides...THE TOUR!!!

Until I tried to stop at the lights at Downham and was literally blasted across the stop line by the tail wind.



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Shaun...no idea how this happened...my post resulted in an error message saying my error was in my JAVA console.

please can you delete the triple post.

Ditto on my thread. Error implied post not completed.....but then came up several times. We need a techno dude, STAT!

You never have the wind with you - either it is against you or you're having a good day. ~Daniel Behrman, The Man Who Loved Bicycles

Cycling is unique. No other sport lets you go like that - where there's only the bike left to hold you up. If you ran as hard, you'd fall over. Your legs wouldn't support you. ~Steve Johnson


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Yep, strong Nor'easterly yesterday evening - unusual wind direction in summer. Got blown home too. 25 mile/h up-hill through the park is always a good day.


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i thought i was going awesomly well yesterday morning as well, into work under my own steam, had a strava PR as well, then when i went home, a god awful headwind all the way! i found the mythical beast called the tail wind and didnt even know about it! *sigh

ah well, time to improve!!! lol
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