I went out for a ride yesterday


don't all faint at once :sad:

On the way back I was starving and knew when I got back Mrs Greedo would be out as I had a free pass for the day involving the pub and Champions league final. Anyway I stop off at this deli I think looks nice to grab something for my lunch.

Looked nice an all the usual offerings of panninis,wraps etc.

Im looking for 2 gammon salad rolls please I say standing sweating in my cyling gear.

'dont do gammon'

'Seriously' I say,

'yes' she replied dead pan face and a frosty tone.

Im thinkin what kind of place is this, surely gammon hasn't become uncool for delis now, that would be crap!! As I glance round the deli to realise.....oh yes its a Kosher deli.


Chicken was nice though!


Greedo said:
don't all faint at once :laugh:

Nice one Greedo ... a cycling story ... :biggrin:

... and one that can be told in smilies too:

:sun: :biggrin: :smile: :biggrin:.... :sad: ... ;) ... :biggrin: ... :biggrin: ...

Shaun :biggrin:
Greedo said:

Why have you got a picture of Adrian Chilles eye as your avatar????

It's my son's eye: he doesn't look like Adrian Chiles. No one looks like Adrian Chiles.
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