If Cycle Chatters were in charge.

can i be minister of silly walks....


Resting in suspended Animation
Without picking on the nominees above - all I can think is chuffing hell, what a disaster we would have on our hands.
Carefully chosen. Ianrauk knows about jigsaws, several sports, music and all the things around it.

Some of the previous office holders of digital, culture, media and sport which have changed frequently, have been a comedy of errors (not quite all). Ianrauk would have done a better job at the football world cup bid as well as the euros too!


Obviously an Aubergine
Home Secretary - Pale Rider
Work and Pensions - SkipdriverJohn
Leader of the House of Lords - srw
Secretary of state for Scotland - Joey
Defra - mudsticks
Digital, media, culture and sport - Ianrauk
Only if I can do all the defra stuff from the farm..

Give it a more down n dirty authentique edge.

And I've never understood why gov is so fixated on our 'rural affairs' anyway ??

Don't townsfolk ever get up to extra marital shenanigans then?

Are city people just better behaved by their nature ??

mudsticks - Head of State.
vickster- PM
Rocky- Foreign Secretary
monkers- Attorney General

Has my vote... the Re-Cycle Party... R-C P... unfortunate acronym but easy to remember.
My first, and last act, as non political representative Head of State will be to replace my office, in perpetuity with a Ceremonial Goat.. 🐐

So I can get back to my biking n hiking fun.

And the odd bit of work now and then :okay:

You can do housing Archie..
@theclaud would be excellent at education I think - Just the person for updating a few 'attitudinal errors' :okay:

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Ianrauk would have done a better job at the football world cup bid
Nope, with his Chelsea affiliations it would have still been in Russia.

Juan Kog

permanently grumpy
Isn't it de riguour to have a few Tsar's in the government these days? If so, can I be litter & fly tipping Tsar, I'm normally pretty liberal leaning but things could get a bit medieval if I was let loose at that.
Can I be your deputy. In this context I really like the sound of the term “ Cruel and Unusual Punishment “ . We might as well add bike thieves for Special treatment .
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