I'm a very lucky man...

Don't worry! It's not a new close incident! I am lucky because following a suggestion by a local youtuber, I have found a nice detour on my commute.

It was suggested that it would provide more hill climbing, and a great view over Glasgow and a slight increase in distance (it would be 13 miles), so yesterday on the way home I tried it.


Loved it! It certainly a bigger hill but well worth the panoramic views I got over Glasgow (180 degree at least). With yesterdays good weather, I could see for miles! :biggrin:

So I now have three options for commuting. Here are the elevation profiles. Guess which one is now my new favourite! :biggrin:
Judging from that Elevation profile you prefer the grey one ;-)
The hill in that first one (your new route I believe) looks like a bit of a wake up call but the views will be worth it :-)

I like having options, it stops things getting too monotonous, it also means that you usually plan for the longer but have the shorter alternative up your sleeve for that morning you are running late ;-)


Rabid cycle nut
I'd plumb for the first one and use the others as escape routes if carrying a heavy load or dieing with friday legs.


Aye, I definitely prefer the first one. Unfortunately time is always tight in the morning or evening, so it certainly wont be every day (unless I can up the speed!!:biggrin:)

The last one is a horrible A road, so is avoided except when in a big rush, or the other roads are covered in snow! :blush:

I'll need to get my camera up there one day and get some photos.
I'd take #3, fresh legs to get up the climb and use the gradient for some easy cycling (specially for arriving at work).

The return journey I'd rather #3 and cut out as much climb as possible - unless it was a nice day and I was up for some extra exercise.

Getting used to a longer run in the morning (and planning time for it) gives the bail out of the shorter route too ;)
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