I'm building an expedition tourer...


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Hi guys, I had a few threads similar to this on C+. Basically, it's as it says on the tin. I want to build a bike that I can use as an on road/off road tourer. Having taken the advice of the C+ formers and a contact at Thorn, the number one suggestion was to start with a good quality, older steel mountain bike. I've been looking out for either a complete bike or a frame. There's lots of stuff on eBay, but not a lot of people who will ship over to me in Ireland. Anyway, I stumbled across this earlier today, and it seems like it might be the right fit:


Is this a good quality bike? I recall posting a few links to similar bikes on eBay and people came saying have were good and half were crap. I, being an amateur, was unable to differentiate!

Is this bike worth getting? I'm looking for something that will be very tough. I'm perfectly willing to add new components (sadle and handlebars for one look crap on this one) as needed, but I need to a good base. Any thoughts would be really appreciated.

Frame should be OK strength wise (won't be the lightest ... but ...). Bars might be OK with bar-ends, it looks as if there's mudguard/rack mounts on the back but can't quite see any on the front (P-clips will work with most low-loader racks). I'd prefer V brakes my self (Should be able to fit them). Worth a try if it's cheap enough :biggrin:


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Galway, Ireland
Thanks for the advice. The frame is the key thing. I can replace anything else really, though I'd prefer as little work as possible. Weight isn't that big of a deal. The most important thing is that the bike can be fairly bombproof.


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It looks like a low-end, entry level mountain bike that got ridden a few times and then spent many years sitting in a garage. It would make a great townie/commuter bike, and a good first touring bike if you're willing to replace a lot of parts. Most mountain bikes in this category had eyelets on the front fork, and it looks to me like this one does too (you can just make them out in the full-length, non-drive side photo).

The color will definitely theft-proof the bike and make it easy to spot in a crowded bike rack.:biggrin:

If you get the bike, ride it as much as you can around town and on short trips to get an idea of which parts you'll want to replace, and what you want in replacement parts.
I like it pink! If I was a thief I'd nick it!!!:thumbsup:


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I ride on and off road on my Koga World Traveller. If you want a bike for touring do you really need suspension forks? The disadvantages outweigh the benefits in my opinion.

First and most obvious is the weight. Fastening panniers to suspension forks is more of a faffing than on normal forks.
You're a bit late with the advice - seven years late!


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That's got to be a record in the zombie-thread stakes.

If anyone finds this who has the same question, The Plant-X 456 is hard to beat for value and sturdiness - although it's a pity it only has one set of doobries for a bottle cage.


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Holy Moly, Dead Thread Revival!!!!

The thread was well past dead. It had gawn, been cremated and gone to heaven. It is the Second Coming, a Born Again Thread.

Lenny might well be dead as in the 5 month period from joining to his last post in early december 2007 he made just 10 posts. A really active CCer then.
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