I'm fed up with what Southern Rail hve been allowed to do


On the dubious excuse that there will be increased rail numbers Southern Rail have banned cycles from using their crumy service till 9th September!!! This is nonsense there is no increased numbers now at the height of the Olypics let alone till the 9th of September. The truth is that Southern Rail wish to ban cyclists from using their heavily subsidized service - period. And the Rail User and Boris are letting them do this.


pre-talced and mighty
Well done to all of you who rode to Brighton on Friday night. Sixty hardy souls braved the Southern Rail Olympic Celebratory Bike Ban, and, as far as we know, not one was refused entry to the platform by the gate staff at Brighton Station. Ha! Stick it to the Man or what! The roads weresoaked, but the skies clear – we did catch one short sharp shower in Lindfield, but took shelter for ten minutes to wait it out. The 3 a.m. refreshment stop at the Edifice was as wonderful as ever, the early morning sun on Slugwash Lane a marvel to behold, and our new diversion via Streat and Westmeston a symphony in green and gold. All in all a grand night out. Pics from Tim H here, and the V is for Victoria https://picasaweb.google.com/timk200/FNRTTCAugust2012?authuser=0&feat=directlink#5773305637137207442
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