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Just watched For the Love of Cars, UK, Channel 4 and they took an old Saab across from Inverness to Applecross. Wow, what a stunning bit of scenery. I was completely blown away.

They encountered a couple of cyclists and they weaved their way up and down hills and valleys.

I have to do this ride, one day. It is my destiny.

Anyone familiar with the Scottish Highlands and cycling routes ?


Google Bealach na ba


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As a former SAAB mechanic (76-80) I preferred the older 2 stroke version of the 96, nothing else sounded in the same league as the 850 Monte Carlo on full chat (they sounded like this on the road)

EDIT he's got the freewheel in operation, it was fitted to stop em seizing on the overrun but it allowed 'clutchless' gear shifting. As soon as you took your foot off the engine drops back to tickover.
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I've lost count the amount of times I've been up to the Highlands, I went with the family as a child and I've taken my family up there a few times too. If/when I get the opportunity, I'll do some credit card style touring up there. Stunning part of the world.



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Fantastic area - I reckon that if there's cycling heaven it's in Wester Ross.

Riding down the valley from Kinlochewe to Torridon at sunset where every turn in the road opened a new majestic vista qualifies as one of my favourite rides of all time.
And the sublime Bealach na Ba... what a road. Neither superlatives nor photographs do it justice. (The coast road back round to Shieldaig from Applecross, on the other hand, is undulating hell. Scenic though ^_^)

I'm definitely going back as soon and as often as possible.
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