Is 35C tyre a common size or not?


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There are loads of 700x 35mm tyres…
Yes no great shortage.

You might be pleasantly surprised by the ride after your adventures on 25 - I wouldn't go below 28, but then I don't race.

I'd check out PlanetX for good deals on tyres if you can justify the postage charges, maybe by buying other stuff.

(just put some 37s from PlanetX on a new build of mine - cost not a lot over a fiver each as I recall)


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Look for 700c x 35mm
I`m be sticking with the 35 size.

I fancy an Armadillo for the back. I noticed a short while ago when I was was looking at Amadillo for the road bike that the prices had shot up. I heard that Specialised had told their retailers that they were not allowed to discount them.
I ride 32mm and 35mm tyres, believe me when I say these are certainly not slow!
Agree with you.
Lots of research undermines the idea that wider tyres are necessarily slower. I did rashly once buy a pair of 25s (mid life crisis?) - thankfully one exploded as I tried to fit it after extended storage so I sold the other. Thinking of doing the Dynamo this year - maybe on abiove-mentioned fiver 37s.

I like Skol

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I have been running Vittoria Randonneur Pro tyres (the folding version) for a while now in 35mm and 32mm sizes. They have been swapped around between bikes a bit so not entirely sure on what the mileage is but both sets must have covered at least 2000 miles each and have always proven robust and predictable. They also appear to be wearing extremely well and should last at least the same again, if not more.... Perfect for commuting and leisure.

Looking around it seems they might now be out of production as suppliers are limited :sad:
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