Is it illegal to pretend to be a medical pro (even online)?


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Looking for the Sky ride info in my area (which still hasnt been updated on their site :blush:) I came across this in google:

Now what strikes me is a commenter on there called Rob, claiming to be an ambulance man or paramedic. I have known a few - worked at a hospital for 14 years even in catering you get to know these people and the wonderful mentality they posess. This guy however comes across as childish and ignorant:

Hmm.. seems his comments have been removed. :biggrin: Anyway.. well the question still applies - is it illegal, even online? I know pretending to be a cop or a doctor gets you in trouble but this has made me wonder.


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No I’m a brain surgeon


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I'm a gynaecologist. You can always tell this when you see us decorate our living room through the letterbox.


Arch said:
Who was the chap came on here (or was it C+?), claimed to be a paramedic, and some had doubts about....
Didn't he end up faking his own death or something daft like that?


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PaulB said:
I'm a gynaecologist.
I'm not a gynaecologist, but I'll have a bl00dy good look...

In reply to the OP, surely anything ontinternet is viewed as utter b0llocks isn't it?

I wouldn't worry...


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Well I don't think it's illegal to offer medical advice and not tell someone that you're not medically trained. Over the years, I've taught myself a reasonable amount about the effects of various drugs and comibinations of drugs, various conditions. I know I can give better advice on these drugs than some doctors, because I've been given very bad advice on them by doctors myself! I know it's bad advice because I've researched into specific drugs a fair bit, for years.

So yeah nothing wrong with giving advice as long as you don't say you're medically trained but if he's saying he's a paramedic and giving medical advice, that's another matter.


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I think on the Evening Post site I wouldn't believe anything they say ... there is at least one other that claims to be a fireman as well. I think they use it to make themselves seem more important - and they tend to the ones frothing at the mouth spouting anti-cycling garbage.


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ComedyPilot said:
I've met a few ladies who pretended to be nurses.
Oooh, I love it when my wife dresses up as a nurse. And then goes out to work as one. Brings in a handy salary, she does.
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