Is it ok to machine wash clothes,tea towels etc with Fairy liquid?

Is it ok to do clothes,tea towel etc washing using Fairy liquid?

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I've run out of washing powder. I went out shopping last night but i didn't have enough room in my saddle bag for even a small box of washing powder, so i couldn't buy any. I'm thinking of using Fairy Liquid. After all,it breaks down grease and stuff so why not? What do you reckon. Use it or wait till i can fit some washing powder in my saddle bag?


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No. You'll produce too much suds.
Take if from someone who has found out the hard way - do not let a single drop of Fairy Liquid anywhere near a dishwasher or washing machine unless you want the kitchen knee deep in suds.
Nothing like Pain assisted learning!

I was really squirming as I tried to explain to the BOSCH technician that I had no idea why the seals on our two month old dishwasher were broken and no we'd not put Fairy Liquid in it, honest guv!

Blimey does it produce some suds though.


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Yes if you want to create a comedy sketch!


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You'd do better to use floor cleaner or hard surface cleaner as that's not formulated to foam like dishwash. Don't use anything that is white and opaque though as that contains abrasives.

It's always a pity when public water features get shut off because idiots put detergent in them. I'm thinking of the one outside the Corn Exchange in Manchester.
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