is the MTB future 29" or 27.5"?

Discussion in 'Mountain Biking, Trials and BMX' started by e-rider, 2 Dec 2016.

  1. e-rider

    e-rider crappy member

    South West
    I'm fed up of buying stuff only for it to become obsolete a few years later
    What size will MTB wheels be in 10 years time? 29" or 27.5"?
    I don't want to spend ££££ on a bike only for the wheel size to be wrong in 10 years time. My current bike has 26" wheels and already the latest tyres are not available in that old size,. Quality suspension forks as well are no longer made for 26" wheels
  2. Phaeton

    Phaeton Guru

    Oop North (ish)
    I went to a 29er & I'm not convinced it's better than the previous 26, it is on the nice bridleways/tracks, but the 26 is better on the twisty bits, not that any of that really helps you sorry.
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  3. Drago

    Drago Soiler of Y fronts

    No one knows, although it's telling that the Worlds largest cycle manufacturer ditched 29 for MTBs a few years ago.
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  4. MiK1138

    MiK1138 Über Member

    Yeah general consensus round our way is 29 is dying out, I enjoyed mine for the short time I had it but have replaced it with a 27.5 hybrid
  5. Nibor

    Nibor Über Member

    My 29er has morphed into a drop handled exploring bike.
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  6. ChrisEyles

    ChrisEyles Veteran

    I've not been a fan of the 29er hardtail I've been borrowing over the last year. It's plenty capable enough, but not as much *fun* as the 26" bikes I've ridden. Not tried out a 27.5 wheel bike yet, though I'd certatinly be interested to see what they're like. I'm a little surprised to hear you can't get decent stuff for 26" wheel size though, I thought downhill bikes or anything that was going to take a bit of abuse still tended to use this size since the smaller wheels are stronger? Then again my idea of "decent" is probably most accurately and politely interpreted as "affordable"!
  7. There was nothing wrong with 26" and there still isn't.
    If I have to go custom over the years then so be it,the "smaller "wheel suits my trails and my riding.
    I've demo'd quite a few 29ers and 27.5's and they didn't suit me.
    I can see 27.5 becoming the standard for MTB's as they say it's the best of both worlds.Certainly for All Mountain/Enduro bikes.But again that discipline seems to be all disciplines rolled into one.
    I'm not too sure about DH though,it's my opinion that DHers should stick with 26" as manoeuvrability is the name of the game going hell for leather .
    No one size is the right size as they all have their benefits.
    I just wonder if the bike makers might have realised making such a big leap in wheel size was a step too far.
    Someone told me that they overheard some Pro XC bikers complain about having 29 ers forced upon them by their chosen brands and sponsors.
    All word of mouth of course and can't be verified.
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  8. Yellow Saddle

    Yellow Saddle Veteran

    Loch side.
    I think the obsolesense of the 26 incher is perceived, not real. So maybe one tyre company doesn't make a particular tyre in 26 inch. Just buy another type. Same with forks.
    In ten year there will still be 26ers riding around. Attempting to future-proof yourself against an industry that's deliberately inventing fashions to turn stock, is futile. Time for a ride with your mates and a nice beer afterwards.
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  9. It's never been a problem for me to aquire 26" tyres,and I get the very ones I want.
    That been said,my tyre choices are Vittoria made Geax Barro Mountain's,so old/new stock really as Vittoria phased them out and stuck their own name on them. But.
    I had no problem getting Vittoria Jafaki's in 26" and would be able to get them quite readily.
    They have hardly been on my bike,as I prefer the Barro's compound more.Sorry Vittoria,this dude likes your old compounds better than your expensive Graphene jobbies !!! ^_^
    Want a blast from the past ?
    I took the Barro's off and put my Winter tyres on.
    Nokian Gazzaloddi's !!!!!.Oh yes :becool:
    Old Skool for cool .
  10. Drago

    Drago Soiler of Y fronts

    I like cheap old Kenda Nevegals, so my favourite 26" tyres tipple is no problem.
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  11. dan_bo

    dan_bo How much does it cost to Oldham?

  12. DRM

    DRM Über Member

    West Yorks
    I remember reading one of the MTB comics a few years back, they were testing the difference between 26" 650b & 29 er's, after reading all the cobblers that was written, they had produced a graph to prove how amazing 29 er's were, by showing not too much speed difference between 26" & 27.5" with a huge inferred difference by the 29er, when you read the actual figures it was just a handful of seconds between 26" & 29er, it was just marketing rubbish served up as journalism.
  13. The guy at my LBS hinted that they couldn't shift them,and I think that's a real shame.
    Reason being is that they are one of my favourite brands(certainly in the 90's) in Marin.
    I don't think there is anything wrong with them,they just don't suit my style.
    Put it this way,if I was wanting to open up a can of Whup Ass on open fireroad trails,I would not hesitate.
    I've said before,a guy I rode with had a 29er and killed me on the straights,whilst I made up for the 20 ft(ish) gap on the corners.
    Swings and roundabouts
  14. lpretro1

    lpretro1 Guest

    That's rubbish - Fox's latest 2017 fork range is available in 26" for example and a quick google shows plenty of RS too.
    I think many shops are only showing 29" forks as they have excess stock and want to get rid of it as they are not that well selling
  15. marzjennings

    marzjennings Veteran

    If you mean Giant, they still make a few great 29ers.

    I'm a huge fan of 29 inch wheels for the speed they can carry of a whole course and I still love riding my 26er for pure fun. I've felt 27.5 a poor compromise of the other 2 sizes, rather than the best of both worlds. But I am think of giving Enduro a try next year and for that I would pick up a 27.5 bike.

    It's also interesting that some of the frames now are being designed to fit 29 and 27.5+ wheels.
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