Is this jacket good for winter?


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It's hard to tell. Check it over well in store. Try it on and see if it feels warm enough without being sweaty. There was a Muddyfox waterproof jacket my wife had that was good years ago, with vented back, taped zips and so on, but I think Sports Dreck sold off the remaining stock and replaced it with a cheaper one which wasn't as good. Take their "full" price with a huge bucket of salt.

Personally, I keep going back to the old hikers' layering method for winter (base layer + lumberjack-style shirt + windproof/waterproof shell) and I'm currently using a Regatta lined hiking jacket for that because it has a really good hood that turns when I turn my head. I've definitely been out in zero here and I suspect if I added a merino top just above the base layer, I could go well below zero before there's a problem (but I need better gloves before I try that - my ski gloves finally fell apart last winter). It's too bulky to lean forwards much on the road bike, but if it's that cold, I'm on a hybrid bike with studded tyres that grip to ice anyway.
Do you have a Decathlon near you? If so, I'd go and check them out as their cycling gear is very good - and reasonably priced. I have their ladies' winter cycling jacket, and it's lovely. I layer it with one of their 2warm skiing base layers, and if it's really cold, a long-sleeved running top under that. That lot will keep me going well below freezing.

The trick to staying warm in the winter is to find a windproof outer layer that *isn't* boil-in-the-bag. And good gloves and something to keep your head warm as well.

The Muddy Fox jacket you've highlighted looks more like a rain jacket.


Don't like their returns policy. They only give credit notes and these are on flimsy till roll paper. Easy to lose.

So if you get home and realise it's not quite right, you have to buy something else from SD.


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  1. The advert makes no claims regarding breathability or waterproof qualities, also it is very thin so a loose fit would be required in order to wear a layer or two underneath in colder weather.
  2. There is an old saying 'You get what you pay for', in this case you don't pay much:sad:.
  3. Look elsewhere, but be prepared to pay more for a better jacket.
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Looks like the same one I used for a couple of winter's and still have as a spare. It was good enough for me in all weather's with a single base layer, but at the price quoted it's never going to be the best.

I suppose it depends on how long you are planning on being out and how many early morning commutes your going to do in sub zero conditions.

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My favourite jacket for cold condition cycling is this -

Toasty warm and for me only needs a single layer underneath for temperatures down to freezing and even a couple of degrees below. Wind proof and also ok in light showers. I like it so much that when my first one was cut off in A&E after a big cycling injury I rushed out to buy another one before I was able to ride again.

I like Skol

Hold my beer and watch this....
LOL! No mention of breathability or waterproofness. I guess it will be pish poor at both? Even expensive, top quality breathable stuff can get very moist at high levels of exertion so I reckon this would be akin to wearing a heavy duty bin bag......


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the link won't work for me firefox just whines about a unsecure connection.

in cold weather even minus temps i just wear a decathlon boil in the bag water proof jacket over a t-shirt and end up having to unzip it a bit.

i do have a sports direct muddy fox jacket that i got given for a present a few years ago and in dry weather it is my preferred one as it breathes and lets air in but it has no back pocket which i find is the only downside on it.


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It is not breathable fabric so you will get very damp inside on all but the shortest rides. It is described as 'lightweight construction' so there will be no inherent warmth in it either. Better to look for a more breathable fabric so you can pop a base layer on first and that will wick sweat away from your body and through the membrane


The jacket is only a lightweight shell, definitely not a winter jacket. It might work, after a fashion, over a heavier softshell or similar, but better to spend a little more on something from Decathlon which can be relied on to do a job for a reasonable price.

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As others have said it doesn't appear to be waterproof, if that's what you are looking for. One other thing is that if you are riding a bike with drop bars you'll probably need something with more of a "tail" at the back to avoid it pulling up and exposing your waist to the elements. I use a wind proof jersey for winter and carry a very lightweight water proof jacket which I can put on if it starts to rain (Endura race cape).


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I have the equivalent that they were selling three years ago, which also cost me £14. I've found it to be extremely useful. With a suitable number of thin layers underneath it comfortably sees me through the winter months of the Imperial Century a Month Challenge. Below zero is no problem - ice on the road stops me first.

It's quite possible I'm making life unnecessarily difficult for myself. My ability is extremely modest, so perhaps it's a good match. My point of comparison is the thing I had in the 1980s/90s, which came from a specialist bike shop and really did feel like working out in a greenhouse, and when I first put this one on I thought it was brilliant.

When I did a short tour earlier this year, with three good-sized zip pockets the Muddy Fox served well as a general-purpose jacket.
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