Is your pet suffering,due to social distancing and the lock down?

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My Mutt is. He likes people to make a fuss of him when out walking,in the pub,in Pets At Home etc. Now with folk 'self distancing' it means that when he's on a lead people keep their distance from him,because i'm on the other end of the lead. He also likes his nearly every night visit to the local pub. Now he can't go. We used to do a bit of shopping then drive to my local for a pint(only one of course). Now we just drive home after the daily shopping. He looks at me,when i park up near to my flat,as if to say 'why aren't we going to the pub anymore'?:sad:. Has your pet shown any signs of lock down depression or anxiety?
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the ruddy cat is probably annoyed we are around so much


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Yes. Something we are allowed to do.
The rate of transmission of CV19 was you passed it onto 2 others, obviously if that can be halved and you pass it onto 1 or less the total number of people infected falls.

If you went shopping every other day your risk of catching it and passing it on through shopping would be halved.
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Is it right though? I think not but we seldom agree. Taking the dog out yes, fine, shopping no.
Yes it is right if it might be the only social interaction a person gets in a day.


Luckily our new geohound was just reaching the end of settling in period.
So he's now a lot more chilled than before, he's quite a social dog.
So is a bit confused as why we keep avoid everyone and crossing roads and stuff.
Building a routine has been the hard part more for us then him.
But we've got one worked out which more or less is working.
He's just about worked out that at the moment he can't fuss Mrs 73 when she get's in from work till she get's changed.
But all in all he's fine.
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Please keep this thread for discussing how your pet is behaving during this lock down business! I'll gladly answer questions and voice opinions about the rights and wrongs of staying in/going out etc in the two threads provided in the news and current affairs section.
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We have a pair of degus in a large cage. They are used to being left alone all day so I suspect they are now getting less sleep during the day as they tend to be quite active when people are around. That said they are also getting more attention from the kids meaning they are becoming more friendly to handling, which is good. They are getting more treats too, so like many of us are probably piling on the lumber.


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My dog is very happy to have more company.

Not so happy at only having one walk per day though.

Luckily we have a small garden so he can get some fresh air whenever he likes, otherwise I think he would be going crackers.
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