Its amazing how much,


, if you dont drink half a lager can affect one - like at the moment its merely fun and I hope to keep it that way with not drinking ALCOHOL regularly ! :tongue:

Like alcohol is crap and I hate it - hence the shandy ! :ohmy:


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Ah, that explains a few of your posts then - they get all muddled up after a shandy.......


I'm gonna knock a few more back and see if the OP starts making sense once I've done it. Somehow I think I may reach a state of unconsciousness before that happens?!


Rhythm Thief said:
I love drinking. They say drinking on your own is bad, but I'm on my second bottle of red wine tonight and I feel fantastic.:ohmy:

3 bottles of cider, and one bottle of wine for me. So far.

No ill effects


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Been to Costco's tonight and got myself a couple boxes of Brakspear selection packs alongside the nappies and wipes etc. Am just finishing number three, wife's gone to bed and am now giving serious thought to number four! :thumbsup:
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