It's my wedding anniversary guess who forgot

Nearly there

The missus woke me this morning said she was off into town and wished me a happy anniversary so I said the same back but at the same time thinking oh sh*t I totally forgot about that,Iv'e been so wrapped up looking for a 16th birthday prezzie for my daughter which is on sunday id totally forgot,well thats my excuse and im sticking with it:whistle: when I came downstairs there was also a card waiting for me so now I feel even worse.When she returned she said Iv'e bought myself some flowers :blush: Trying to redeem myself I said Iv'e booked a table on sunday evening for all of us(which I hadn't at this point) as I thought it would be nice if we could celebrate our anniversary and the daughters birthday together,what a good idea she said so I think iv'e pulled off a great escape :sweat:
Why are women sh*t hot with remembering anniversaries etc ? when most blokes seem not arsed but it doesn't mean we don't care

Cheddar George

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Please tell us that you booked the table before posting this.


There must be a website somewhere that sends you automated emails to remind you of such things?
If not, can somebody please create it before I get dementia?


Mr fimm always remembers our anniversary, and has to keep reminding me about it... it is just as well I am not expected to buy him flowers....


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I've forgotten more than once; we've both forgotten more than once. Don't beat yourself up over it, just have a nice meal!


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I know Mr Summerdays is appalling at remembering ... I have been known to wish him Happy Anniversary on the wrong day just for it's comedic value:whistle:, and yes I do buy myself something and we go out for a meal. It doesn't have to be anywhere posh - just the fact that we have an evening together.
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