i've fitted a stereo to my bike...


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Yer battery is half flat.

Elmer Fudd

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My workmate fitted stereo to his bike, involves an MP3. player, external speakers, 2 wooden clothes pegs, two paperclips and four laccy bands. Seems to be working ok ! ( Better than his feckin' singing anyway !)
THAT is a mobile phone.....

THIS is a bike stereo:


Gary D

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bonj said:
Water falls from the sky, generally.


Priceless !!!!!!

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As I recall 'Stereo' requires a pair of speakers (and not 2 x mono either).
Funny how language becomes distorted with time...

Tim Bennet.

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Even if we accept that the meaning of words does change with time, a 'stereo' would still suggest something of decent(ish) quality output.

For accuracy, I think you should go around telling people you you have strapped a tranny to your handlebars.
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