JOGLE - 9 days - 7th to 15th Sept 2012


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Hi everyone,

New poster here! I've read plenty of other posts on here but I wanted to get some specific feedback - sorry if it's re-hashing old material but I really wanted to get some bespoke feedback / advice.

I'm going to be attempting an unsupported solo cycle from John O'Groats to Lands End in September and wanted to hear even more advice and tips from seasoned riders. I've read a lot on this forum and a lot of other websites but I'm keen to hear more... I'm getting quite excited now and feeling quite ready - have been training as much as possible (not quite as much as I would like but that seems to be quite common) and this has been a plan for over a year now (a biking accident put it on hold in May)

I'm also keen to hear people's take on my route.. It's quite unique and my planning is perhaps the one area of worry for me as it is the first time I have done this alone. I will have a Garmin 800 and a road atlas as emergency back up so I don't think navigation will be a hindrance, just the actual route could be difficult. I have booked accommodation at each place so can't really go back either!

Anyway, it's below, let me know your thoughts

JOG - Helmsdale (68 miles)
Helmsdale - Fort William (132 miles)
Fort William - Ayr (145 miles)
Ayr - Windemere (147 miles)
Windemere - Liverpool (85 miles) - this is my 'rest day'!
Liverpool - Fox Elms (139 miles)
Fox Elms - Exford (109 miles)
Exford - Perranporth (103 miles)
Perranporth - LE (45 miles)

Thanks everyone in advance


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Wow Jack,
Can't offer any advice- you seem to be well prepared...
Have a great time and tell us all about it.
[Don't forget your plug-in chargers!]
Good luck!


Nice one, Jack.
Looks good but why the detour west to take in Ayr? The direct route from Glasgow south to the border along the A74 cycle route is fine. Remember your wet weather gear and midges do attack moving objects. Good luck and enjoy it!
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