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I'm a beginner into cycling and just recently bought a new Teman road bike.

So far in a week of cycling my best was 16 Miles in 45 minutes.

I live in St Pauls area and wonder if anyone has any suggestions of a cycling club around me?
I'm planning on cycling Monday - Friday daily between (6pm-7pm) to 9pm along with my buddy.

Please post any suggestions of local clubs.

Best wishes


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Log onto British Cycling's web site


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Rob, you feeling ok dude?
Just about yeah!

A fair part of cycling is the self reliance it fosters and wanting everything laid out on a plate because you cba to google something (and read the content it returns) kind of gripes me a bit, esp when tired.

When you get a flat you don't flag down another cyclist to change your tube for you, you have a go yourself! Then when you have made the mistake of not taking the sharp out of your tyre and puncture again 10 yards down the road and find that you forgot to bring a repair kit with you, then you flag down another cyclist!

To transfer to finding a club, google it, find a few clubs, check their ride lists, entry requirements etc, maybe even go along on a few intro rides with different clubs, then if you are unsure, present the information you have gathered but you are unsure of and any additional relevant information and then ask for help.


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An hour and a half of polishing 100 miles worth of road crud and cow muck off of my bike has given me time to cool of, I was in a grouchy mood before, my apologies for the harshness of my response, however the sentiment remains, albeit less explicit :smile:


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Websites can be misleading and the OP really needs personal advice about potential suitable clubs. 16 miles in 45 minutes is fast but not far. It could put you uneasily between the racing clubs and the touring clubs and not being happy in either.

I don't know the Bristol scene so can't give any specific advice but it might be useful for you to explore here what you want from a club so as to target you search more meaningfully than Google ever can.


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Welcome :crazy: This forum sections full of people making similar requests for recommendations in their local area, not sure why this one was so badly received. No idea on club suggestions though sorry :smile:


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Cant offer specific recommendation for your area but would say that most clubs let you ride with them a few times before joining. Make full use of this before you sign up ,different clubs suit different people.

To those rude folk that told you to F off and google basically,if you cant ask about clubs on a forum titled Cycling Clubs where the F (other than google of course) can you?


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16 miles in 45 minutes is an internet speed. Anyway we have people in our club who struggle to average 12mph but still enjoy their cycling, in fact we have members who I have never even seen cycle.

Google local clubs and go and ask, a bit of effort is required but not much.


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Wow, have just come across this thread. What an absolute joke to respond like that!! Coming and asking on a forum full of people who regularly ride and may belong to clubs, is exactly what I call research. What a shitty way to welcome someone to a forum. Hope Mindaugas found a club in the end


I looked at joining a bike club for the exercise, tech help and social side but their web site said that you need to have a minimum of 22 miles per hour fitness level ! Put me off that did. As i've said before I do a 25 mile run 3 times a week at present at an average of 18 mph so it would be like NEVER when I reach that level! having said that just bought spd clips and specialized shoes to fit so who knows !!
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