Keeping water out of my shoes?


To you all experienced clipping in and outers, question please?
What tape do you recommend for covering these holes to keep my feet dry?

I was surprised how much water got into my shoes through the soles.
I did have overshoes on.
My feet were the only part of me that didn't dry out after the sun came out on our return journey on Sunday.

Other suggestions?


I was right about that saddle
Even with overshoes, it get's in eventually.


Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.
Duck tape for me next. A couple of months back in the really cold weather, I decided for the first time to block the holes.I used electrical tape, which was fine for keeping cold air out, but I hadn't appreciated just how much water gets thrown at the shoe soles. Any serious rain and it is useless.
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Ultimately it’s impossible to keep feet dry. Duck tape is best for sealing the holes. Mudguards and overshoes will help. In the past I’ve used plastic bags over my socks which works very well.

Under most conditions the above or a combination work. If it’s really wet I find water runs down my legs and then gets underneath the overshoes.
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